TransHub Is An Online Resource From ACON That Aims To Support Trans And Gender Diverse Australians


ACON is one of Australia’s leading LGBTQIA+ organisations designed to encourage community health and opportunities. ACON launched TransHub in March 2020, an extensive online resource providing information and support for individuals in NSW.


Teddy Cook is ACON’s acting Director, Community Health and formed TransHub with ACON’s Trans Health Equity team manager Liz Duck-Chong. The two started this project as a way to bring much-needed resources and information to transgender Australians.

Although the site is designed to help Australians, specifically with a focus on NSW, it is a wonderful educational resource for trans and gender diverse people globally. “There is no single right way to be trans,” says Teddy Cook. “But all trans people deserve access to the right information in order to make informed decisions about how we might seek to affirm who we are.”

For many people, finding resources that make them feel supported and validated can be difficult. This is especially true when much of the mainstream media’s focus is on lawmakers aiming to devalue and misrepresent the transgender experience. With TransHub, as with ACON itself, the platform is built by LGBTQIA+ people for trans and gender diverse people so there is genuine thought put into the information provided.

According to Q News, the site was built with the help of TGD advocates and collaborated with the community. “It was important to us that we collaborated with as many different trans people as possible,” says Cook.

“[We have] proudly consulted, created opportunities for, commissioned and supported hundreds of community members to bring TransHub to life. We also partnered with leading specialist organisations, clinicians and allies to ensure TransHub is accurate, evidence-based and accessible.”

Visit the TransHub website to find extensive resources that help support transgender and gender diverse people

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