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ThePack Celebrates Its 4th Birthday And Founders Rheece and Thijs Discuss Style, Inspiration, Rebellion And Living Louder!

Original Briefs by ThePack

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CO-FOUNDERS: Rheece Reynolds and Thijs

Unapologetic, evocative yet without compromise on quality and comfort. ThePack is celebrating its 4th birthday and we sit down with Rheece and Thijs, partners and founders, to talk about Style, Inspiration and Rebellion.

Rheece and Thijs (Supplied)

DNA: Congratulations on four years in business. It’s been a journey; launching a brand during a pandemic. How did ThePack get started? 

Rheece: The idea started in 2018, a few years before our launch. We were on a trip to Spain and saw so many gay underwear stores. Most of the stores we visited seemed to be playing in the same corner, if you will… We wanted to bring a different angle, a richer perspective, a more inclusive answer to who we saw around us. 

It seems like a dream job – being surrounded by so much beauty/hotness? 

Rheece: Ha ha, it does, doesn’t it!? For real, it’s amazing to work with some of the best photographers, models and creatives in the field and we would never have dared to dream the things we’ve created… However, it’s the day-to-day connections with our creative partners, suppliers and our community that makes us ‘us’: We love to hear and support the different voices of our community.

You’ve produced some killer looks and campaigns, what inspires you? 

Thijs: That’s so kind! We strive to be inclusive, relentless and always with a touch of eroticism or sensuality. Our collections usually reflect the ideas that spark our interest… it could be AI and where this will take our sexual desires, or anything else that’s unconventional and evocative.

Your Bussy and Bossy ranges earlier this fall were quite the capsules! We loved the body-conscious prints, tongue in cheek “eat it” thong, and the FlashTech items: what was the inspiration for those collections? 

Thijs: Bussy and Bossy were a clear chapter one and two… Chapter one, The Bussy Collection, came about after studying the innate erogenous references we see in orchids. It informed the shape of some of our briefs, and the organic printed bodices and, of course, the already iconic “EAT ME” thong.

The Bossy collection was a reply in a more androphilic way. By using bigger hole mesh, cire-finished coatings and thick metal hardware, it solidified our bodices and garters in masculinity. We love that play between genders – the world is ready for it.

The Bussy Leotard by ThePack

What does your typical day look like? 

Thijs: As a relatively young brand, we’re a small team and I still enjoy taking care of social media. I wake up, have coffee in bed and talk directly to everyone who messages us on our accounts @thepackunderwear_ and @thepackunderwear_official. I love the direct interaction with our community and with customers. 

Rheece: Our days are super diverse: from inspiration/creative vision boards, to strategic planning sessions, to working together with our partners on events, every day looks kind of different. NGL – we do also have days with accountants, business renewals and trademark lawyers; it’s not all about oiling up the models at photoshoots!

The Holland Chest Chain by ThePack

Which part of the male body is most important to you and why?

Thijs: Was it Bimini who said… “The nipples are the window to the soul”? Or something like that? Ha ha… Honestly, it’s all about how you conduct yourself. Once you accept and know who you are and exude that confidence… that’s incredibly sexy! Our brand slogan is Live Louder! and that’s about exactly this: self assurance, confidence and pride. 

The Holland Harness by ThePack

ThePack has a distinct, rebellious edge: other good examples are your AirLace and mesh bodices… What has been the response to those? 

Rheece: We’ve gotten a fierce following for those pieces! The Bossy Bodice almost sold out within weeks…. In general, our F*CK Gender collections “Let Them Eat Cake” and hey, who’s gonna stop you? The responses have been amazing, be sure to check out our Birthday Sale and Black Friday Sale as we’re having some amazing deals up to 70% OFF, only this November! 

The Bossy Full Body Harness by ThePack

What’s the dream? Where do we see you in 5 years? 

Rheece: We’re always envisioning more amazing photography sessions in the most insane locations like the black sand beach in Iceland, the salt plains in Bolivia, or the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo… But most importantly, in five years time we will be a household name, hopefully having attended many more events, been worn by the PitCrew on RPDR (a dream!) and continued to use our platform to spark joy, bring our community together and support important initiatives. 

The Bossy Bodice by ThePack

ThePack ships to over 65 countries worldwide and all collections are available on 

FlashTech Thong by ThePack

Let’s get personal: 

What are you most excited about for next year? 

R: Charting uncharted territory

T: Travel

Circuit-goer or Homeboy? 

R: 50:50

T: Homeboy 

Summer or Winter? 

R: Summer, for sure! Winter’s cute and all, but I prefer my seasons without a side of frostbite!

T: Summer

Hairy or Smooth? 

R: Diversity adds flavor to existence – both!

T: Smooth

Boxers, Briefs, Thongs or Jocks? 

R: Briefs, Boxers or Thongs

T: Briefs or Jocks

What’s your poison? 

R: Stirred, not shaken – a classic Dirty Martini

T: Smokey Old Fashion

Fave Cuisine? 

R: Mediterranean 

T: Indian hands down

Fave porn star? 

R: Martin Rogers

T: Eli Shaw

Grooming or beauty tip? 

R: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate!

T: Water – and boundaries, haha

Mantra / Motto? 

R: You’re stronger than you think

T:  Live Louder!

The Taylor Chain Harness by ThePack

The Holland Chest Chain and The Hands-On Leg Harness by ThePack

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