Solidarity: Iconic Media Joins DNA’s 250th Celebration


As DNA celebrates our 250th issue, we’ve received messages of congratulations from the publishers of two of the world’s leading magazines for LGBTQIA+ readers, Attitude in the UK and Curve in the USA.

“Geographical perspective may affect your view of whether Attitude is the top to DNA’s bottom or vice versa but, from half a world away, everyone at Attitude has long admired DNA,” says Darren Styles OBE, publisher of the UK’s top-selling gay title, Attitude.

“Not only do we share an appreciation for the male form and a commitment to the great, the gay and the good, but also the values of equality, diversity and inclusivity that go to the heart of our rainbow community,” continues Styles. “We send much love and heartfelt congratulations on the publication of your 250th issue. It’s an epic milestone in the life of any title, especially in an era defined by digital output and social media, but there’s something tangible and beautiful about ink on paper that cements the relationship between reader and publisher – and long may it (and you) continue.”

Indeed, in a world where we regularly hear of print magazine closures, it’s worth celebrating our 250th issue as it rolls off the printing presses. Of course, DNA has adapted to the digital age with Digital editions, too, but print remains a popular option among our audience.

Silke Bader, Publisher of iconic US lesbian magazine, Curve and Australia’s Lesbians On The Loose, the largest global publisher for LGBTQI women, also sent her best wishes:

“A massive congratulations to [Editor] Andrew and the team for celebrating their 250th issue and 20 years of publishing DNA magazine! So proud to know Andrew and admire his persistence to continue publishing during the most challenging times! The community owes you much gratitude,” says Bader.  

DNA launched in 2000 into a vastly different media landscape than we know today: the internet was still new, mobile phones weren’t smart, and social media didn’t exist. While the technology changes, the need to tell our stories and share our experiences remains timeless.

“If you’ll take a bit of advice from an older, wiser brother from another mother let it be this – take no advice from anyone, just keep being you,” adds Styles. “You introduced us to aussiebum and Steve Grand, and for that we’ll be forever grateful…”

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