“SAS Australia” Finalists Tim Robards And Matthew Mitcham Are Also DNA Cover Stars!

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SAS Australia has wrapped up its 2023 season and the competition has two winners; The Bachelor star Tim Robards and Olympic Gold Medal-winning diver Matthew Mitcham.

We want to celebrate the boys and their triumphant efforts during their trials. Tim and Matthew make up the only two finalists who passed selection in the finale episode – a surprise twist for audiences who watched these two fail to impress at the beginning of the season.

Winning SAS Australia 2023 isn’t the only thing these two champions share; they have both been DNA cover stars! We’ve eagerly followed their careers since those early days and the DNA team reckons they both have a lot to be proud of!

A Rocky Start But The Strongest Finish

SAS Australia is a gruelling reality competition where contestants undergo a series of back-breaking challenges and feats of physical endurance to pass tests from the real SAS selection process. This season saw our two finalists up against two other Olympic Gold medallists, one of the Thai cave rescue heroes, and other world-famous athletes to name a few, yet they rose to the occasion and found themselves victorious in the end.

According to Chief Instructor Ant Middleton, both Tim and Matthew entered the competition without the right mindset to win. Throughout the challenges they gained confidence and will that ultimately saw them turn their chances around.

“I mean, at the beginning, he was scared of aggression, scared of himself,” Ant says about Tim. “No grit, his mindset was a bit weak coming in but just today on the hostage rescue, great leadership.”

Matthew says: “I did come in as a survivor and I have definitely thrived throughout this course. I was controlled by my inner saboteur before, but now, I feel capable of doing basically anything. I am just so elated. This has been the best experience of my entire life.”

The bonds formed between the two finalists show an equal amount of respect and admiration. In their Instagram posts announcing their wins, both gentlemen thanked the other for their commitment and strength. They both also commended their fellow contestants Craig Challen and Abbey Holmes for making it as far as they did.

Congratulations to both Tim Robards and Matthew Mitcham! If you’re interested in a little throwback, you can find a copy of Tim’s feature in DNA #74 and you can also find Matthew Mitcham in DNA #105.


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