QAnon Congresswoman Wants To Ban Pride Flags

Marjorie Taylor Greene (WikiCommons)

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia and QAnon supporter, has called for a ban on the Pride flag and others she has labelled “hate America” flags from being flown at US embassies.

Greene has co-sponsored what’s being called the “Old Glory Only Act” which was put forward by fellow Republican Jeff Duncan from South Carolina. He has introduced the bill several times before, but has been unsuccessful.

In a statement released by Greene on Monday, the congresswoman referred to flags such as the Black Lives Matter and Pride as “Marxist”.

“President Biden’s State Department has already raised a flag over our embassies that doesn’t represent the vast majority of Americans,” she said in the release, apparently a reference to the LGBTQIA+ Pride flag.

“In the past, rogue members of the State Department flew the flag of the radical Marxist group, Black Lives Matter,” she said. “The domestic terrorists represented by that flag have burned down our cities with the mission of defunding our police. We should not be flying a flag of a group who wants to erase our history and bring mass destruction to our country through Communism.”

Previous President, Donald Trump ordered Pride flags not be flown at embassies without special permission. This permission was often denied, however, some ambassadors defied this order. President Biden’s recently confirmed Secretary Of State, Antony Blinken, has said he will allow the display of Pride flags without restrictions.

Greene is prone to hyperbole and conspiracy theories. She claims the mass school shootings at Newtown, Connecticut and Parkland, Florida were staged; that the 2018 wildfires in California were ignited by “Jewish space lasers”; that President Obama’s administration had a Democratic National Committee staff member killed; and that Bill and Hillary Clinton were implicated in John F Kennedy Jr’s death.

Greene “expressed support of social media calls to execute high-profile Democrats, including the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and FBI agents,” according to The New York Times. “When asked about such activities, Ms Greene has dodged, asserting that her pages have been run by teams of people over the years, some promoting views with which she does not agree. Many of the posts in question have since been scrubbed.”

Despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud at the 2020 presidential election, Greene continues to claim it was stolen from Trump, and voted to overturn the results.

LGBTQIA+ Pride and Black Lives Matter are not affiliated to Marxists or left-wing political groups.

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