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DEAN GEYER The Australian Idol hottie rushes out his debut.

ARMIN VAN BUUREN Trance, sex and why he doesn’t do drugs.

MOTOROLA’S RED PHONEWhere fashion meets philanthropy.

KEITH WEBB We speak with porn’s most hands-on executive.

THE DYING CITY Tom O’Sullivan plays gay and straight twins.

RUSSELL T DAVIES From Queer As Folk to Torchwood.

MIKA Why he loves Scissor Sisters, Ian Thorpe and speedos.

AFL Hot, sweaty men playing with balls – that’s why we love AFL.

RABBITOHS They want to recruit us!

JOSH BEAUDOINThe adventures of a rock-hard rock-climber.

ROB SAGER The life and death of a modern Adonis.

BOOT CAMP Push it to the max and feel the burn.

CUBA Fidel Castro’s niece and her crusade for gay Cubans.

HOW TO SURVIVE A HOLIDAY…With your new boyfriend.

SPORT SEX DNA readers divulge their dirtiest sportswear fetishes.


YOUR NEW ROOM MATE …is cute, helps around the house and has great underwear! Photography by David Vance.

WINNER TAKES ALL Game on with these sexed-up, performance enhancing looks. Photography by Gabriel Goldberg.


BURNTTOAST You love hot men but not Mary J Blige.

ON THE COVER Sexy Levi is really into (soccer) balls.

SAMPLES The Circuit, John The Baptist and Brian Hansen.

FILM A biopic on France’s biggest “little sparrow”.

FITNESS Body fuel – what to put in to get the most out.

GROOMING “I’ve got a lovely pair of coconuts.” Not for long!

BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.

OUR STRAIGHT MATE It’s our fave sporty, Stephen Quartermain.

DVD Boy Culture, Hard Pill, The Catherine Tate Show, Pet Shop Boys’ Cubism, Notes On A Scandal.

URBAN HOMO Gets sporty with sit-ups, push-ups and throw-ups.

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