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JAMES HOUSTON The photographer’s tribute to dancers.

MATERIAL BOY The wow now boy of Aussie fashion design.

PAUL SPICER This West End Boy is heating up London theatres.

THE RENT BOY AWARDS We meet the Best Bottom nominee!

SHORTBUS Sex, sex, sex from the crazy streets of New York.

LITTLE BRITAINThe DVD, the live tour, the fat suits!

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE Why we lust after this lunatic straight boy.

BLOG EAT BLOG Independence, integrity, truth… kinda.

HALF A PERSON The Smiths’ musical, plus Feast Festival highs.

KYLIE Our homecoming queen’s 20 campest moments.

CAZWELL He wants to do something rude on your face!

NELLY FURTADO She’s got a gay boy in her basement!

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT He’s the rainbow connection with Judy.

GAY MEN AND POP Is there a sacred, spiritual connection?

CHRISTINA AGUILERA “I’m a married lady but I’m still drrrty!”

MADONNA’S MAD FANS It turns out they’re all gay. Imagine!

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE You’ll want to fuck along to his latest CD.

PRINCESS SUPERSTAR The gays love her coz she’s OTT and fun.

ERIC HIMAN Gay indie rock just got a bit more butch. Hurrah!

SYD MATTERS He knows what it feels like for the gays.

CULTURE SHOCK Indian society grapples with the gay thing.

HOLDING THE MAN The much-loved book becomes a play.

SLEAZE BALL Hot picks from the Ghetto Fabulous.

VIENNA PRIDE The parade, the party, the men in lederhosen!

DAVE HUGHES Our straight mate this month has gay dreams…


LIFE IS BUT A DREAM You’ll turn up in a lot of people’s dreams wearing these sexy swimmers! Photography by Karl Simone.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers’ rants and raves.

ON THE COVER Nicholas says, “Speedos feel good!”

SMS Download your favourite DNA model to your phone.

FITNESS Looking for a personal trainer? It pays to shop around.

GROOMING Will’s tips on staying sun-safe this summer.

BOOKS The latest reviews plus Neal Drinnan interview.

MUSIC 12 of the month’s best releases reviewed.

DVD Freddie, Darren, Adam And Steve, Dante’s Cove and more.

URBAN HOMO If music be the food of love, press play!

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