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HAYDEN TEE Happily Les Miserables in London.
CHARLOTTE CHURCH When choir girls go bad.
FILM FESTIVAL HOTTIES Coming soon to a festival near you.
ANAL TRAFFIC These queer punks wanna take you from behind.
QUEEREST AND BEST Highlights from the Festival Of Sydney.
MIDSUMMA Another Pet Shop Boys musical.
EQUALITY What we can do to lobby for a fair gay go?
HUMAN NATURE The boys’ homage to Motown.
RHYS MULDOON He’s our Straight Mate this month.
FIRE ISLAND Past its prime or still a must-do gay destination?
TURTLE COVE Voted the world’s best gay resort.
PARIS More than just the city of romance, it’s about seduction.
BERLIN We lubed up to squeeze into Europe’s sleaziest party!
HONG KONG Not just a bonkers travel destination.
ALASKA Our Verushka Darling among the bears.
REMY DELAINE A porn star with a big future (11 inches!)



TESTOSTERONE Keep the boys ready for action in sexy socks
and jocks. Photography by Joe Oppedisano.



BURNTTOAST DNA readers’ love Rusty but not TV spoilers.
ON THE COVER Jason Beam is hot and wet and on the cover.
GIVEAWAYS Win the Motorolla ROKR, Brokeback Mountain
tickets, Ministry Of Sound CDs and gear, Melissa albums.
STYLE The winter range from D-Squared previewed.
BOOKS The latest gay fiction reviewed.
GROOMING From hair bear to smooth operator.
MUSIC Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, Il Divo, Britney Spears,
Anastasia, Michael Buble and Alicia Keys.
DVD Kylie’s Showgirl tour, Delta Goodrem, A Dirty Shame, Live
8, Anthony Callea live and Britney and Kevin in Chaotic.
URBAN HOMO Scene to be believed!

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