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DNA Magazine | #282 – Swimwear

Our northern hemisphere readers already know… it’s hot! And our mid-year Swimwear issue is here to send the temperature soaring even higher. We have 26 pages of sizzling summer gear. From barely-there G-strings, to shimmering posing pouches, to retro-style briefs and trunks, there is a style and a fit for everyone – and a lot of eye candy to enjoy along the way.

Swimwear designers are often at the cutting edge of innovation with fabrics, cuts and colours and 2023’s season is no exception. We love the curl-up trunk and the c-strap! Check them out.

Our features this month include an interview with Cub Sport frontman, Tim Nelson. Along with his husband and bandmate, Sam, Cub Sport’s latest, Jesus At The Gay Bar has already hit #1 on the album chart (and DNA has called it the best album of 2023 so far).

If you saw the feature film Holding The Man, you’ll remember actor Ryan Corr in the lead role. He’s been very busy since, filming around the world, including in House Of The Dragon. He’s our Straight Mate this month and recalls, “I’ve never felt more supported than when making Holding The Man.”

What happens when you put show tunes in a nightclub? Club Broadway is what and we check out all the sing-a-long high-jinx of this music/theatre trend that’s sweeping the world.

In The Closet, But Flying High is a story from one of our gay elders, Noel Robertson. He recalls the days before decriminalisation, before “gay” was in common usage, and when “queer” was a dirty word. It’s an amazing insight into a world that seems a long way back yet is in living memory.

We also meet the proud gay men of Toronto’s south-Asian community, and warm up for Gay Ski Week, Australia. (It’s not summer everywhere!)

Plus: new albums from Alison Goldfrapp and Rufus Wainwright, a new book from Lope Navo, why Spain’s film and TV is so sexed-up, and the last word goes to the adorable Kitty Flanagan.


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