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DNA Magazine | #222 – The Sex Issue


Bed Time!

It’s about sex, it’s about sleepwear, stripping off and dressing up fun bedroom times! Welcome to a very racy edition of DNA.

You want sexy? Cover model, Brandy stars in our 10-page all-bedroom-no-sleep fashion shoot. Plus, we have an 8-page fantasy photo spread by Joel Devereux – 8 models, eight different kinks to explore. Meanwhile, Hollywood hunk, Chris Salvatore strips down for the lens of Venfield 8.

Our Style pages by Joshua Heath are usually where we put clothes on models. This month, we’re taking clothes off Euan Doidge, star of Priscila: The Musical – and adding snakes! Nothing says sexy like a hot, naked actor with a serpent sliding down his thigh!

For raunchy reads you’ll be hard pressed to find anything hotter than Jack Ladd’s latest sex-venture with a handsome hero in long johns, or Cameron McCool’s Your Best Sex Move column. Cameron comes onboard as DNA’s sex expert this month and, in future issues, he’ll be sharing great tips to help you get more out of sex. Write to him with your questions or share your best sex moves.

Still talking sex, we go where the brave should fear to tread… Berlin. Yes, it’s the sex capital of the gay world where fantasies can be fulfilled but, be careful what you wish for. Rough, Dirty, Borderline Obscene is a cautionary tale from Marc Andrews.

We don’t have a totally one-tracked mind. This month there are great feature stories to get into like our interview with Sally Field’s gay son, Sam. He tells us that growing up gay can be hard, even in the most loving household.

Growing up gay can be especially hard when you’re trying to pray yourself straight. In a harrowing account of his youth, Chris Csabonyi recalls the years he spent in gay conversion therapy. Now, he’s campaigning for the practice to be made illegal and politicians are taking notice. Read his story and, perhaps, join his fight.

Showbiz: we review Priscilla – yes, the old girl is on the road again, and we speak with Bernard Curry, the bad boy warden of Wentworth. He’s our Straight Mate this month with a couple of queer tales!

All this and more in DNA #222, where too much sexy is barely enough!




From The Editor.

The Month In A Minute

Nuts! (they said what?)

Loving: Dynasty and Dolly.

Music: Janelle Monae | Backstreet Boys | Delta Goodrem | Christina Aguilera | Giorgio Moroder

Grooming: Don’t buzz the bush!
You want sexy? Don’t turn your Garden Of Eden into a prickle patch!

Theatre: Priscilla, reviewed.
It’s back! From outer space… Yes, Priscilla is touring the country, and leaving a trail of glitter in her wake.

Dear Diva’s advice


DNA Samples

Rami Malek – as Freddie Mercury.
Has dear, queer Freddie Mercury been “straightwashed” in the new Queen biopic? Some fear so… and worse.

Sia’s latest musical trip.
The Aussie superstar’s latest curve ball is forming a groovy supergroup called LSD.




Style: Euan Doidge, Naked With Snakes
As Jake, the bad-boy warden of Wentworth, he’s sexy in and out of uniform.

Our Straight Mate: Bernard Curry
As Jake, the bad-boy warden of Wentworth, he’s sexy in and out of uniform.

Sally’s Son Sam
Growing up gay can be tough, even if your mum’s the coolest, gay-friendly mum ever! Sam Greisman shares his story.

“Praying The Gay Away Nearly Killed Me”
Chris Csabonyi put himself through years of anguish with so-called gay conversion herapies. Now he’s campaigning to have the practice banned.

Your Best Sex Move Ever
This month, columnist and “sex-pert” Cameron McCool explains how tops can bring their bottoms to a mind-blowing hands-free orgasm. Do try this at home.

Raunchy Read: A Winter’s Tale.
Jack Ladd recalls a wildly erotic encounter with an unassuming piece of underwear.

Chris Salvatore: Stripped
The Hollywood actor and singer reveals his fine self for us and the lens of Venfield 8.

Rough, Dirty, Borderline Obscene
Berlin is the sex capital of the gay world where you may fulfill every desire, but be careful what you wish for.

Travel: Colombia’s Coming Out
From Old Town, Cartagena to the Caribbean coast and the cool capital, Bogotá, Colombia is waiting to be explored by tourists with “pink pesos”.




Culture Club
Photographer Esa Kapila and model Yaser draw on eclectic influences to create striking portraits.

Bed Time…
…but who said anything about sleeping? Cover story shot by Christian Scott and starring Brandy Martignago.

Only Your Fantasies Will Set You Free
Joel Devereux presents six models from his kinky DVRX series


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