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DNA Magazine | #219 – The Wedding Issue

This month we celebrate the boys who say, “I do!” and all the fun that weddings can be. Ricky and Zak, Ivan and Chris, and Ben and Michael all share their special days with us. 

Our style guru makes suggestions on buying the suits, we take a trip to a bespoke ring maker, we meet wedding photographers and celebrants, plus we get a bit sexy with the groom’s hot brother! 

Yes campaigner, Alex Greenwich reveals some of the dirty tricks used by the No side during the postal survey and talks about how he coped with death threats and abuse. 

In Trouble In Paradise, we reconsider our travel plans – especially to parts of the world that are actively hostile to LGBT travellers. This important feature reveals where not to go and why. 

Opera singer and pop star Kyle Bielfield talks about the challenges facing creative artists, we revisit Madonna’s Ray Of Light 20 years on, and head back to the theatre for the latest gender-bending production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. 

We interview Tom Cocquerel about his latest role as Errol Flynn and chat with veteran actor Bruce L Hart about coming out in Hollywood before it was cool. 

Historically we take a look at the life of the quaintly queer Quentin Crisp as the final instalment of his autobiography hits the shelves, and we reveal some of the sordid details of The Cleveland Street Scandal – read all about the prince and the rent boys!

Sex boys in this issue include cover star Dmitry Tumash and Francesco Della Vedova. Plus, in the Digital version, you’ll find 50 extra pages of pin-ups and amazing Sydney Mardi Gras photographs. 




Wedding Features

Ben And Michael
Ben and Michael Gresham-Petchell’s romance included a video proposal, disney songs and a fully catered wedding ceremony and reception they won in a competition!

Style: Well Suited Groom
What do you wear when you’re about to say, “I do”? We’ve selected five stylish brands to ensure you look dapper on your big day.

Ricky And Zak
Ricky and Zak’s romance was of the whirlwind variety! After just two months dating, they knew they wanted to make it formal. So, when marriage equality became legal in Australia, they tied the knot! But there was trouble ahead…

Bespoke Jewellery
A Bespoke jeweller can help create a special wedding or engagement ring that reflects everything that’s unique about you and your relationship. Bronwyn Carabez explains some of the finer points to Noel Posus.

Ivan And Chris
It took 16 years, eight proposals, one commitment ceremony, two weddings, one high court challenge, a trip to Canada and a racist, xenophobic nanna changing her mind – but Chris and Ivan Hinton-Teoh are finally married! They tell Andrew Creagh about their long, long journey together.

How The “Yes” Was Won
Death threats, dirty tricks and hard slog… How did Alex Greenwich survive the gruelling marriage equality campaign in Australia? He tells Andrew Creagh about the highs and lows of the struggle – and what he thinks the no side will do next.

Grooming The Grooms
After a spectacular family wedding day fail, DNA’s grooming expert Will Fennell says he’ll pass on the ceremony, however, he still has hot tips for grooms-to-be.

Wedding Professionals

The Groom’s Brother
There’s something sexy about the suited-up groom, his best men and, in this case, his hot brother. Another erotically charged encounter from Jack Ladd…



From The Editor

Burnttoast: readers’ opinions

The Month In A Minute

The Deplorables: they said what?

Music: news and reviews.

Books: David LaChapelle.

Theatre: Twelfth Night.

Dear Diva’s advice

DNA Samples

Madonna’s Ray Of Light 20 years on.


Straight Mate: Tom Cocquerel
What’s it like to play Hollywood man-slut, Errol Flynn in a new movie?

Bruce L Hart: Out In The Open
Onscreen he’s been married to Greg Louganis and tackled by Ian Roberts. Off-screen he has plenty to say about the casting couch.

Bielfield: “Let’s Make Crazy Shit!”
Kyle Bielfield is the opera singer with a pop career – but his new album, Manhattan is neither! Confused?

Quentin Crisp: Quaintly Queer
The late, great, queer trailblazer Quentin Crisp offers The Last Word in the third and final installment of his autobiography.

Trouble In Paradise
As gay travellers with pink dollars to spend, it’s time to vote with our feet and our wallets !

The Prince And The Rent Boys
The British royal family are no strangers to scandal, but will we ever know the truth about Prince Albert Victor and one of the 18th Century’s most intriguing cover ups?


On The Cover
Dmitry Tumash by Serge Lee.

Muscle Boy Fantasy
Francesco Della Vedova shot by Steve France.

Sydney Mardi Gras Photos


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