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LEVI KREIS The infamous ex ex-gay singer makes sexy southern soul.
GABE LOPEZ Following in the footsteps of Scissor Sisters and Sam Sparro.
AVENUE Q Sesame Street meets a seedy back alley in a hilarious musical.
CANADA’S NEXT GAY TOP MODEL Watch out Tyra! You is got some competition, girlfriend.
SUMMER STORM We chat to the star of one of our favourite gay DVDs. TERMINATOR SALVATION Christian Bale and Sam Worthington sex-up the screen.
JJ THE DANCER Meet the star of the all-male revue reviving the Chippendales


PATRICK WOLF Why he is stepping out on his own to release his latest album.
SEX ADDICTION Benoit Denizet-Lewis discusses his life as a sex addict.
BIG DADDY DINO DNA Online favourite on why he has grown better with age.
ADAM JOSEPH The New York-based singer gives us some faggoty attention.
MR GAY EUROPE How winning the competition won his family’s acceptance.
KARL HEINRICH ULRICHS A history of the first man to come out of the closet.
FETISH WEAR Why dressing up in gear gets so many gay guys’ motors running.
MADE IN BRAZIL Hunky Anderson Prata’s new swimwear and underwear.
FIRE ISLAND Escape winter for the hottest destination on the planet.


SALUTE TO THE SUN Endless days of sunshine and salty sea air… summer style should be easy, breezy and certainly sexy. Photography by David Vance.
STORMY WEATHER Nothing beats wool in mid-winter. Disguise your wolf in sheep’s clothing this season with natural hues and rustic loose knits. Photography by Thomas Synnamon.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers giving back.
FROM THE EDITOR Lesbian fashion follies.
SMORGASBORD A selection of tasty morsels.
MUSIC Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sensation, Bertie Blackman, Pacha.
BOOK The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
GAY DAD Why would a woman want to be your surrogate?
GROOMING Tips that will have you gliding through your shaving routine.
FITNESS Andrew Greig coughs up some advice on how to avoid the flu.
FASHION HOM’s classic underwear takes a brave new turn.
STRAIGHT MATE The Gruen Transfer’s resident stud, Todd Sampson.
DVD Milk, Sordid Lives, The Art Of Being Straight, Men’s Group, The Universe Of Keith Haring, Wanda Sykes.
DNA MAN Raunchy illustrations by Oscar Rivas Rodriguez.

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