NBC Out Releases Their Annual Pride 30 List Of LGBTQIA+ Trailblazers


NBC Out has compiled its annual list of LGBTQIA+ people who are forging a path for the queer community. This year, the list honours individuals who are the first to be seen in their respective positions. There’s the first gay minister in Greece (Nicholas Yatromanolakis), the first gay Senate-confirmed US Cabinet official (Pete Buttigieg), and many first-time achievements for people from the trans community.

The Pride 30 list is a reflection of the progress that the LGBTQIA+ community has made for visibility and representation in mainstream society.

Here are the people who were mentioned on the list:

Charmaine Mcguffey – First lesbian elected sheriff in Ohio
Ritchie Torres – The first gay Afro-Latino in Congress
Gottmik – First trans man to compete on Drag Race
Quince Mountain – The first trans dog musher to compete in the Iditarod
Sarah McBride – The first transgender state senator in the US
Punkie Johnson – The first Black lesbian cast member on SNL
Katie Sowers – The first lesbian to coach in a Super Bowl
Owen Hurcum – The first nonbinary mayor in the world
Javicia Leslie – The first bisexual actress to play Batwoman
Stephanie Byers – The first transgender Indigenous elected official in the US
Pete Buttigieg – The first gay Senate-confirmed cabinet official
Elliot Page – The first trans man on the cover of Time
Dawn Bennett – The first queer woman Lutheran pastor in Nashville
Claire Murashima – The first LGBTQIA+ president of Calvin University
Mauree Turner – The first nonbinary state legislator in the US
Leyna Bloom – The first trans woman of colour in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue
Rachel Levine – The first transgender federal official confirmed by the US Senate
Aaron Marcus – The first LGBTQIA+ history curator at History Colorado
Stella Keating – The first transgender teen to testify before the US Senate
Rachel Slawson – First bisexual Miss USA contestant
Nisha Rao – The first transgender lawyer in Pakistan
Torrey Peters – First trans woman nominated for the Women’s Prize for Fiction
Ian Alexander – The first transgender actor in trans Star Trek role
Syd Sanders – First transgender valedictorian in Maine
Nicholas Yatromanolakis – First gay minister in Greece
Karine Jean-Pierre – First lesbian to serve as a VP candidate’s chief of staff
Gina Chua – First transgender executive editor at Reuters
Martin J. Jenkins – The first gay man to serve on California Supreme Court
Benson Churgai – The first trans graduate of Philadelphia Police Academy
Mara Gomez – The first trans woman to play pro soccer in Argentina

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