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Fun. Fierce. Fashionable. F*ckable. Absolute superhero vibes. Matador Meggings is everywhere; taking over our feeds, the unofficial gym uniform, at all the best parties. Deep squats, tight buns and your choice of whether to let it hang out or pack it up tight. A built-in excuse to look hot and get looked at. What more could anyone want from their athleisure?

Oh, yeah. Performance fabric, durability, and the very best of modern tech. That too. Lucky for us all, Valentine Aseyo had a dream. A dream that put hot studs in fantastic colours and booty-hugging spandex and made it completely socially acceptable. Time to find out exactly what’s popping at Matador Meggings… and it ain’t your anaconda. Unless you want it to.

Meggings?! Say what?

What do you get when you take tights for men, add the flash and style of a matador, and pair them up with the very best of 21st-Century athletic tech? Men’s leggings! Theoretically, we’re talking top-of-the-line men’s athleisure, as wearable on the dance floor as in dance class. But Matador Meggings have evolved to be so much more. A global community of bulls with newfound confidence, style, and athletic pizazz, hungry to do and be their best. And look great doing it!

Why Wear Matador Meggings?

You mean you really need us to give you reasons other than having your butt and legs showcased fantastically in a range of funky prints while remaining completely socially acceptable?

Reason #1 – No VPL

So, VPL, or Visible Penis Line. The bane of men’s workout gear since forever. Something you want in the bedroom to showcase your assets. Something you might risk if you’re feeling especially flirty in the club. But maybe the last thing you want while trying to pump out reps in the gym. Matador Meggings have solved this issue forever. With a comfortable, shaped crotch to hold everything secure, you have an added modesty pad if it’s time for the boys to stay demure… and you can slip it out if you feel otherwise. 

Reason #2 – Smart Design

Pockets in gym tights for men? Groundbreaking! We’re not being sarcastic; it’s a commodity most mega brands don’t offer. An open pocket for your phone, a zipper pocket for valuables. Plus, a loop at the back to secure your gym towel when you switch stations or secure your shirt when you go for a run or at a party.

Reason #3 – Performance Enhancement

A hip-hugging non-slip waistband and a hidden drawstring ensure you don’t flash plumbers’ crack no matter how deep you squat. Sweat-wicking performance fabric makes sure you never stink, no matter how hard you go on the track, at the gym, or on the dance floor (or the stage). All the power of men’s compression pants in a pretty package.

When To Wear Matador Meggings? 

The real question is, why take them off? Of course, that’s not answerable in print. Matador Meggings are specially designed to go wherever you go and do whatever you need. So really, wear them wherever you want. 

Occasion #1 – The Club, Festival Or Stage

Men’s tights do good things for men’s anatomy, once you solve the VPL issue. Your hiney looks fine. Your legs look fantastic. You’ve declared a shirt optional, which might be squad goals for you. The issues to date have been leggings for men looking thin and too skimpy for even the boldest spirit, and look dull as ditchwater. Matador Meggings solves both these issues in one. Let the durable construction keep you showing only what you want to, while the range of bold and vibrant prints showcase your personality. 

Occasion #2 – Class. Any Class. Anywhere

Yoga pants for men never looked this hot. But don’t stop there. Matador Meggings may look great for every occasion, but don’t forget that they’re primarily designed for gruelling high intensity workouts. Wear them to lift or pump reps. Hit the barre in them. Wear them to aerobics class. Knock out some Tai Chi or Qigong. Use them at spin class, or on your actual bicycle. Or layer them up with something adorable and wear them to University lectures in comfort so people just think you did all that before you got there. We don’t judge.

Occasion #3 – Adventure time

Ok, some of us are serious about sports. If you love your adrenaline-pumping adventures, Meggings for men will delight you. Run or hike. Trail run or tackle a tough mudder. Throw them under your kevlar or jeans for icy mornings on your motorbike. Ski and play in the snow. Swim, scuba dive, or snorkel. Life’s an adventure, and these compression pants for men will make sure you can enjoy every second of it worry-free.

Hot Picks

Valentine has created a range that pops with as much personality as he does. We all like different things, but you’re guaranteed to find a match made in heaven if you take a look at the full collection. From sleek and elegant to avant-garde, it’s all there.

Arrow Meggings

It’s loud, proud and fun but the pattern actually coordinates beautifully too. The darker insets allow for sleek touches that will show off sculpted calves, or simply provide enough of a break that the pattern doesn’t become migraine-inducing. They’re fun and flirty, and work perfectly on a wide range of bodies and skin tones. Arrow has to be in your starter collection, for sure.

Gray Camo Meggings

Another pair of men’s leggings that will look great on the darkest ebony to the palest ivory skin tones. This is what monochrome wants to be. It’s got the slightly serious, slightly naughty military vibe, but the cool greys and white make sure you don’t look like a try-hard. Contrasting black insets ensure you look slim and trim, and this is just an adorable blend of serious and sexy.

Marble Meggings

Time to evoke the grandeur and grace of Ancient Rome. Whether you want to channel the fighting progress of a super-sculpted gladiator, or to sneak your sweetie behind a toga-topped statue to steal a kiss, this is elegance and evocative tease rolled into one. While all-white isn’t for everyone, if you’ve got the confidence to rock this, it’s got a big impact to throw around.

Sky Meggings

Enough with the monochrome. Bold and bright, this pair is packing confidence and pulling power in one. Turquoise catches the eye, a deeper bright blue ensures you don’t look too over the top. Part peacock, part powerlifter, all daring…this is the perfect pair for a man with confidence and style.

The Maker Of Matador Meggings

Who’s the bull behind the brand? Valentine Aseyo saw a gap (or rather, a bulge) in the market and went for it. What does he have to say for himself? In his own words, he’s, “a first-time entrepreneur. Executive coach. Ex-Facebooker. 200-hour certified yoga teacher. Burner. Spanish & Turkish. And of course, a meggings aficionado. On paper, he’s the CEO of the company, but also the designer, developer, marketer, accountant, model — even the customer service representative. 

“As an LGBTQIA+ entrepreneur, the biggest change was the removal of all limitations for being myself. It’s almost like I regained my self-expression. I could finally bring my real self—the loud, proud, playful, goofy, genderless self—to work”, says Valentine Aseyo.

“I’ve been so fortunate to work at companies where the culture enabled a welcoming and safe space for LGBTQ, women, and ethnic minorities. But let’s be honest, no matter how much a company tries to foster diversity, at the end of the day, you still need to fit into a ‘corporate mold’ to blend in.

“You don’t even have to be a member of one of the diversity groups. You could be a straight cisgender white man and still need to leave some part of your reality at home before you head to the office. I now feel blessed that I don’t have to put on my corporate mask when I’m in the office—I am the office, baby!”

Looking back, there’s nothing duller than men’s workout wear. Once you’ve shrouded yourself in enough baggy layers to be socially acceptable, you’re even denied a hint of style. Why do women get to wear all the colors and cute cuts, and men get to flop- pun fully intended- in a formless sack? Valentine decided it was time to take the bull by the horns.

“Though athleisure is a newer concept born in the last decade, matadors have brought elegance and sophistication to athletic wear for centuries”, says Aseyo.

“Matadors are hyper-masculine but also emotional figures who needed tight-fitting pants that wouldn’t slow them down. They aren’t afraid of loud colors or bold prints. So, we took a page from the history books—and now we’ve added our own: men’s leggings for today’s matador. My signature design of the stripes that spiral around the legs represents the horns of a bull. It’s also an homage to my Spanish heritage.”

And so, Matador Meggings was born. Valentine had the right blend of experience and smarts to strut his stuff, after all. Think roles at Facebook, Colgate-Palmolive, and IBM. He was even the SVP of Product at Bandsintown (the concert app, not a town). This career of wearing All The Hats (often at once) left him perfectly poised to leverage his many roles as the one man who keeps Matador Meggings running smoothly. Surprisingly, he still finds time to enjoy his own yoga practice and teach multiple classes per week, too!

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