Magnus Riise Embraces Queer Sexuality In Music Video

Until Tomorrow (YouTube/@Mgnus Riise)

Norwegian-American indie singer Magnus Riise has created quite a buzz with the release of the music video for his new EP’s title track, Until Tomorrow. The video showcases a powerful and unapologetic celebration of queer sexuality and doubles as a reinforcement against HIV stigma.

Definitely NSFW

LGBTQIA+ representation in media is often sanitised for heterosexual audiences. It’s easier to create tolerance by showcasing the wholesome elements of queer culture. Magnus Riise unapologetically flouts this agenda with his Until Tomorrow video which follows two men during a hookup.

There is no panning away or censoring of the experience and we’re invited into bed with these two men. Hyper-sexual music videos may be common when it’s a man and a woman involved but when gay men are involved the most we typically get is a kiss.

Broadway actor Hernando Umana stars across from Riise and this casting choice is intentional. Umana is queer and living with HIV and wants the message to be reinforced that undetectable equals untransmittable. “It serves as a powerful reminder that love knows no bounds and that sexual health is a shared responsibility,” says Umana.

Magnus Riise has told Q News that the Until Tomorrow video aims to position queer pleasure as normal as opposed to dirty. “Portrayals of commonplace ways queer people and women receive pleasure are automatically considered dirtier and more scandalous,” he says. “Through this video… it’s important to me that the intimacy and sexual experience felt authentic in a way that people within the community could recognise and relate to.”

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