Kylie’s “Disco” Track By Track, The DNA Review


It’s the best reviewed album of her career and it’s selling like it might be the biggest album of her career. Yes, Disco may just be the best album Kylie Minogue has ever made! DNA slipped into some satin hot pants, strapped on some roller skates and went spinning around… 


The album’s second single is a musical reinvention of dance music a la Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, hitting that magical sweet spot between ’70s disco and ’80s house. References: The early Noughties vibe of Kylie’s own Spinning Around hit.

Miss A Thing

Clearly a future single contender, here’s Ms Minogue at her slinkiest and sexiest, living up to her wickedly wonderful plan to concoct an album of “grown-up disco”. References: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head twirling at a gay roller-disco!

Real Groove

The album’s groovy third single with its vocoder vocals has Kylie riffing on later and greater reinterpretations of disco, including her own 2001 classic album Light Years. References: Daft Punk’s ’90s disco reinvention on Around The World.

Monday Blues

Any track containing the phrase “disco ballin’ every weekend” can’t be bad! This is pure escapist joy with Kylie clearly in loved-up mode (thanks to new boyf Paul). References: Kool And The Gang’s Celebration, which Kylie covered in 1992


More vocoder vocal treatment adding a super extra-galactic feel. We love that Kylie mentions Jupiter and Mars, but surely she could have given a shout out to Uranus! References: A nod at both Daft Punk’s back catalogue and her own 2001 Light Years track.

Say Something

The album’s inspirational first single “about the search for and meaning of love” is like all the tracks on Disco co-written by Kylie herself. Now that’s truly something! References: Donna Summer’s 1982 soulful State Of Independence.

Last Chance

Kylie admits Last Chance is “inspired by ABBA and the Bee Gees. I was obsessed with them as an eight or nine-year-old. They’re pure perfection”. So is this! Uh-huh. References: ABBA’s Voulez-Vous disco chestnut from 1979.

I Love It

Kylie started working on this track the day before lockdown. To finish her album, she had to learn to record her vocals and so is lovingly credited as engineer on Disco. References: Lionel Ritchie’s All Night Long (All Night) from 1983.

Where Does The DJ Go?

Trust Kylie to not only write a wad of songs about the joys of partying but one about that most important aspect of gay life – the afterparty/kiki! Hey Mr DJ go play this! References: Glorias Gaynor’s anthem, I Will Survive from 1979.

Dance Floor Darling

Kylie’s own fave track on Disco contains a daring, unexpected mid-tempo surge zooming this darling from Studio 54 to an intergalactic disco with Daft Punk as DJs. References: Diana Ross’ Love Hangover, or Donna Summer’s Last Dance.


Kylie describes Unstoppable as a “refreshing sorbet” and the title itself is a fitting word for an album that is not just all dance no ballads, but also all killer no filler. References: Any slice of ’80s funky R&B, especially Prince or the Jackson clan.

Celebrate You

Kylie’s anthemic tribute to her gay fans (who she calls “Mary” throughout) with the album’s best lyric: “everything I like about myself is better with you”. Aww. References: ABBA’s gloriously melancholy back catalogue celebrated in one song.

But wait there’s more…

On the Deluxe Edition of Disco, Kylie adds four tracks – Till You Love Somebody, Fine Wine (a nice bit of product placement for her Kylie Wines range, out now, shoppers!), Hey Lonely and Spotlight. In the olden days these would have been considered B-sides and while they’re fine if you’re a Kylie “kompletist”, better instead to track down her riveting version of Troye Sivan’s Cool on At Home With Kylie Minogue: The Sessions, released on Apple Music/iTunes in October.

Also dig out Kylie’s live rendition of Earth Wind & Fire’s disco classic September (sung for the UK’s BBC Radio 2) and unearth her boogie down reinventions of her own past hits (including Slow sizzlingly re-imaged with Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Baby) for her recent Infinite Disco global streaming event.

As for Kylie’s gold jumpsuit for that show – now that’s how you dress as a true dancing queen having the time of your life at the disco!

Warning – once in, you’ll not leave: Kylie’s Disco TV

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