Juan De La Torre and Daniel Aguilera in ThePack by RandyGoPro

Juan De La Torre and Daniel Aguilera in ThePack (RandyGoPro)

PHOTOGRAPHER: RandyGoPro | Instagram
MODELS: Juan De La Torre | Instagram | Daniel Aguilera | Instagram
BRAND: ThePack | Website | Instagram #Sponsored

The two models in this shoot are Juan De La Torre and Daniel Aguilera. Juan is located in New York City. Daniel was born in Costa Rica and is also located in New York City. Both models are wearing the latest from ThePack Bossy Collection.

Introducing the All-New Bossy Collection: Where Attitude Meets Style!

Get ready to own the night with our brand-new Bossy Collection. It’s not just a collection; it’s an attitude, a statement and your ticket to unforgettable party moments.

Picture this: sleek and mysterious black harnesses crafted from ThePack’s cutting-edge “FlashTECH” reflective fabric. It’s like you’re wearing confidence that lights up the night. And guess what? They’ve taken it a step further with an all-new white reflective fabric, giving you an otherworldly glow that’s impossible to ignore.

But that’s not all – ThePack is breaking boundaries with their attachable pouches. It’s all about convenience without compromising on style. Customise your look, keep your essentials close, and get ready to own the party.

The Bossy Collection isn’t just about harnesses; it’s a vibe. ThePack has got garters that’ll have you feeling like a superhero, and thongs that are so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

So, why be ordinary when you can be bossy? Whether you’re hitting the club, owning the festival scene, or just adding some spice to your everyday, this collection is your ultimate companion.

And remember, confidence never goes out of style. So don’t just wear it; own it.

Get your Bossy Collection now and let your inner boss shine brighter than the dance floor lights. It’s time to make every moment legendary.

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