It Is Intersex Day Of Solidarity Today

Intersex Flag (Katie Rainbow/Unsplash)

On Monday, November 8 2021 we commemorate Intersex Day Of Solidarity, also know as Intersex Day Of Remembrance. It’s an opportunity to reflect upon the lives of intersex people, a group that experiences under-representation in mainstream conversations about the LGBTQIA+ community.

A Brief History

Intersex people make up the I in LGBTQIA+ and this classification covers individuals born with sex characteristics that don’t fit the binary notions of gender and sex.

According to ILGA, Intersex Day Of Solidarity aligns with the birthday of Herculine Barbin, a French intersex person whose memoirs were studied and published by French sociologist Michel Foucault.

The day was first observed in 2005 after Organisation Intersex International extended invitations to the global community requesting that we stand together to reminisce on the life of Herculine Barbin and open discussion about the challenges facing intersex people.

Standing Together In Times Of Adversity

There are many advocacy groups that are holding online webinars and events to bring contemporary issues to light.

ILGA (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) have one such event planned for November 8 which will dedicate a space for speaking to the issues intersex people face in the current age. The event is titled Intersex Day Of Solidarity: Standing Together In Time Of Adversity.

The lineup will features talks on intersectional issues facing the global intersex community. The programme has three panels with two keynote speakers. Panel one is titled Intersex Refugees Beyond Borders, Boundaries And Binaries, Intersex Experiences Of Migration And Forcible Displacement. Panel 2 is called Intersex Stories From The Global South And The Impact Of Covid-19 – Standing In Solidarity With The Global South. The first keynote is called Standing Together With The Intersex Community In Times Of Adversity and the second keynote is titled Black Intersex Lives Matter. The final panel is Inter-Allyship – How Can We Support Intersex Persons Living In Forcible Displacement, Migration Or Environments Of Persecution?

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