If You Are Thinking Of Dating Troye Sivan You’ll Need A Good Sense Of Humour, He Says

Troye Sivan (Terrence O'Connor)

With the imminent release of Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other album, the singer has been giving interviews discussing the important influences in his new sound. In one such interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Troye opens up about what he wants from his future partner.

“The most important thing I want in a relationship is…”

Troye’s music is often influenced by the events and people that shape his life. When we think of his Blue Neighbourhood days, the tracks evoke coming of age and complicated feelings about home. Bloom was his second studio album and feels like an evolution of Troye’s sexual expression and vulnerability. In past interviews, Troye mentions Bloom being inspired by his then-boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

When we listen to Rush and Got Me Started, it becomes evident that Something To Give Each Other will aim to be an evolution of sexual expression and a celebration of community, queerness and relationships.

Troye says that when it comes to his love life, he has figured out important things about his needs and wants. “The most important thing I want in a relationship is a sense of humour. Sure, attraction is nice, but I get over that very quickly,” he tells Sydney Morning Herald.

“There are a lot of beautiful people in the world, but finding someone who is a best friend and someone I can really laugh with – that is the single most important thing.”

A shared sense of humour may be the key to his heart, but secrecy is a sure-fire way to hit pause for the singer, reports PinkNews. When asked about relationship red flags, Troye says, “I don’t care what people do, but – and maybe it’s an entertainment industry thing or an LA thing but – there’s a lot of very beautiful people that you don’t really know what they do [for work].”

His future partner must also consider having children. “I would love children one day. I am less attracted to the idea of marriage, but I definitely want to end up in a long-term relationship,” he muses. Many members of the LGBTQIA+ community share this desire to write their own rules about love and family. So, if you’re someone who loves a good laugh, wouldn’t mind children and dispels with mystery, Troye Sivan may be the man for you!

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