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DNA cover model, singer, and underwear designer Steve Grand has put a lot of work into his body. In appreciation of the results, we asked Steve to talk us through his fitness regime… 

“Nothing too ground-breaking here,” he chuckled. “I try and workout 4-5 days a week, but usually increase that when I’m preparing for a photoshoot.

“I generally try and eat in a way that is going to build muscle and keep fat off: high protein; low sugar, and the right amount of fat. Needless to say, genetics are a huge factor, though I definitely lose muscle and gain fat when I’m off my routine – see my before/after photo from March 2021 that I posted on Instagram in October,” he says with a laugh.  

As for fitness and workout tips that have really worked for him, Steve insists he, “always tells people, first and foremost, if you are just getting into fitness, make sure you set a goal that is attainable. If you haven’t been working out, I’d advise against starting up working out for two hours a day, six days a week. You have to look at it a lifestyle change that will take place over time.

“Set yourself up for success by committing to a routine that is feasible for you and don’t overwhelm yourself. Achieving that goal of, say, just getting to the gym three days a week for 45 minutes will help establish that habit, and you’ll be much more likely to continue and to even build on that routine than if you set an initial goal that was too ambitious. At some points, just getting to the gym was my goal, and that’s a great goal to start with.” 

For guys that have established working out as part of their lifestyle, Steve says he, “works off the basic principle that you have to constantly be shocking your muscles into growth. Our bodies are very good at adapting and don’t want to add muscle if it doesn’t have to, so if you are doing the same routine every time, you are likely to plateau at some point.

“I combat that by always trying to switch up my workouts by combining different body parts, changing the exercises I do, and alternating between high reps / low weight, and low reps/high weight. I keep track of my workouts on my notes app and make sure I’m always changing things up from the last time I did that body part.” 

When it comes to his diet, Steve told DNA he focuses on “getting a lot of protein, preferably through chicken, steak, and fish, but I also supplement my protein with two protein shakes a day. I am fortunate to still have a pretty high metabolism, so I don’t have to avoid sugar entirely, but I do try to limit my intake. When I’m prepping for a photoshoot, for the month before, I’m definitely stricter.” 

His daily meal plan is, he insists, “not really very regimented at the moment. I do start each day with a whey isolate protein shake and raw oats that I just mix up and swallow down with water. I am not very hungry for the first half of the day, so I use that time to force down a lot of these food items that aren’t as fun. Then I always make sure I have some real source of food protein with a vegetable, or rice. I try to have my last meal be something like salmon, that has a lot of protein and fat. Avoiding carbs at night is important. In between meals I’ll have another protein shake, or a can of tuna.” 

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