Franek Skywalker Appreciation Post – Former Disney Star Turned Fitness Model And OF Creator

Franek Skywalker (Mateusz Jaskot)

FEATURED: Franek Skywalker | Instagram

It’s been a while since we did an appreciation post but who better to feature than Franek Skywalker, a former Disney star and previous DNA Man?

Franek has been featured six times on the DNA website and we hope to see more of him soon. Our introduction to this hunky model and adult entertainer was through the lens of photographers but his first public profile was acting on Poland’s Disney Channel.

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Breaking out of the Disney box

What we know of Franek can be summarised best by quotes from his photographers. Mateusz Jaskot shot Franek in 2022 and says: “Franek is a Polish-American model, with both Slavic and Polynesian roots. He started his acting career when he was only seven-years-old. As a kid, he starred in many commercials both in the States and Europe – soon landing a role in a Disney Channel series Do Dzwonka (or As The Bell Rings in English).”

Franek Skywalker (Mateusz Jaskot)

Franek Skywalker (Mateusz Jaskot)

The next series of photographs we received featuring Franek are from photographer Carlos Falconi. “Franek is a fitness model. He started modelling as a kid and then starred in a Polish Disney Channel series, Do Dzwonka, and was hosting a show called Disney Movie Surfers where he visited sets of Disney productions such as Pirates Of The Caribbean,” says Carlos.

“He is now working for brands such as Nike and Adidas. He goes to the gym every day, but he also swims and surfs. He lives in Key West, Florida where he can swim with dolphins every day.”

Franek Skywalker (Carlos Falconi)

Franek Skywalker (Carlos Falconi)

That’s not all Franek has been up to, though. Transitioning out of acting as a child, Franek launched his modelling career, which brought him many brand deals over time and eventuated in him working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

When the pandemic struck, Franek thought about starting an OnlyFans (@franekskywalker). He tells publication Observatório dos Famosos, “I saw a lot of memes and TikToks about OnlyFans and posted – as a joke – a ‘Should I start my OnlyFans?’ poll… I feel like it was a great decision.”

Thanks to Franek’s Twitter/X and his Instagram posts, we can definitely tell that if one was to subscribe to his OnlyFans, there will be male-on-male content available. A dream!

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