Drag Race Down Under, Episode 6: “Get In There And Run It Up The Guts!”

Today it’s raining men but can you see the family resemblance? Meanwhile is that a platypus in your shorts or are you just pleased to see me?

The girls return to the Werk Room and the ‘Glamour Bug’ is gone. Elektra shock is becoming fixated on eliminating Scarlet Adams from the competition. Karen from Finance is frustrated she’s not doing better, Art Simone thinks the Australian girls have a bigger reputation than the New Zealanders and so are being held to a higher standard and Scarlet thought that after the judges critiques she would definitely be in the bottom. There seems to be an inconsistency in judging that needs to be unpacked.

The new week began with the girls discussing how ‘thirsty’ they’re all getting after living in their production bubble, yet despite her extended dry spell Art quickly announced that Kita Mean is “definitely not” an option. The girls and audience were then subjected to yet another meaningless video clip. This week the absurdist comedy group Aunty Donna seemed to excite no-one except Scarlet. “I’m more excited for Aunty Donna than I was for Dannii Minogue.” Their meaningless appearance was encapsulated perfectly when they signed off, “Back to you Rand Paul and may the best drag car win.”

Finally, RuPaul arrives and summons the Pit Crew. This week it wasn’t just two eye-catching boys but rather ten, providing a buffet of beefcake that had Art exclaiming, “I’m very excited and dick-stracted.”

The mini challenge had the queens given a series of clues to earn points when they identified what plush toy animal the hunks had stuffed in their shorts. Obvious innuendos like, “what’s better than one cock, but not as good as three,” didn’t cross the line that was drawn in the sand in last week’s challenge.

Maxi Shield won, after which, Ru informed the girls, “when it rains it pours and today it’s raining men”. On cue, six hunks from the New Zealand gay/inclusive rugby team The Falcons entered the Werk Room.  The queens were informed that their maxi challenge was to “transform these rugged, rough sportsmen into lovely ladykins”. As Maxi won the mini challenge, she was allowed to pair the players to the queens. Scarlet mused that, “Maxi could do this one of two ways, she could play fair or she could be a cunt”. Perhaps the ever-lovely Maxi’s decision to play fair and not strategically was a mistake.

The queens were keen to know if their protégés had any experience in drag. Karl, who was paired with Kita, said, “You are popping my cherry and you better fucking rip it open.” As the rugby guys then struggled with corsets and heels, a couple not as much as others, they also became a little competitive. Scarlet’s pairing, Brad, is also Karl’s boyfriend and, after watching Karl start to embrace his feminine side, told Scarlet that he wanted to win. “This is a fucking competition and you’ve got to get in there and run it up the guts,” he said. A sports reference to taking the ball and running straight up the centre of the field irrespective of the opposition.

“There’s never been this much masculine energy around the table before,” observed Scarlet. The queens asked the guys how they were feeling and Karl said he was “shitting himself”. Elektra said, “she wants to give (Fara) the chance to shine and not steal the limelight”. Everyone erupted into laughter when Fara immediately responded with, “I’m nervous about overshadowing you”. Some of these rugby players discovered their inner queen quickly.

The next day as everyone prepared for the runway there were some truly genuine and moving moments. Elektra and Fara spoke about masculinity and its perception within the gay community. Fara shared that he almost put a foot back in the closest as he dealt with the difficulties of integrating himself into the community. “The good thing about the Falcons is it’s cool to meet a bunch of guys who are just like masculine but also just live their truth,” he said.

As the transformation progressed, Karl said, “I think I look stunning, I don’t know, but I feel it.” Dan let Maxi shave off his beard of 12 years, it was a big step for him. “The beard is quite a shield,” said Maxi. “I hope this proves to him he is an incredible person with or without the beard.”

There was the usual bitching between the queens. When Wolf told Karen he thought, “Art’s face looks beautiful,” Karen responded with, “Yes, she is beautiful, it’s a shame her personality stinks.” Sounds like someone still carries a grudge about Art’s return.

On the runway we met Kita and Feta Mean (Karl). A very good resemblance in black and white without being identical but with a fierce walk and a reveal.

Elektra Shock and Riri Action (Fara) gave the judges intergalactic sparkle and while they looked similar the finish was a little rough.

Maxi Shield and Cilla Wet (Dan) – we love Maxi but this just didn’t work. Maxi gave her “sister” a great name in Cilla Wet but why didn’t she also give her Maxi’s trademark silhouette? Even Ru said, “That’s not what I wanted to see her in.”

Had Ru judged Maxi already because she didn’t meet a specific expectation?

Art and Craft Simone (Jonah) looked beautiful and wore perfect copies of two Priscilla costumes but had no family resemblance.

Scarlet and Sapphire Adams (Brad) were cute but simple. There was more attention paid to Scarlet’s look than to Sapphire’s. When Sapphire was asked who in the family she thought she looked like, she responded with “my dad”.

Karen From Finance and Debbie From Reception (Wolf), were almost identical in their lewks and make-up, yet Karen was called out by Ru because, “I’m missing the transformation”.

Ru critiqued Art and Craft for having no likeness then called out Karen and Debbie for being too alike. “Debbie was basically a carbon copy of Karen,” said Ru. Make up your mind about what you want and how you’re judging!

Kita deservedly won this challenge while Maxi and Scarlet had to lip-sync to Kylie Better The Devil You Know. Maxi tried her hardest but there were no tricks up her sleeve this week. Scarlet had a head start dressed in red, so played up the devil and produced a perfect lip-sync with just the right tricks and reveals that left her the winner.

As for the rugby players, Jonah spoke for them all when he said, “we get thrown around and we get roughed up, then we go and play rugby. To come and see and experience what you do, (we) have so much more respect for what you do.”

They ran it right up the guts.

This week’s big question: why is it week six before we see a full Pit Crew?

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