Dmitry Averyanov by Amer Mohamad


PHOTOGRAPHER: Amer Mohamad | Instagram
MODEL: Dmitry Averyanov | Instagram

DNA #261 cover model Dmitry Averyanov speaks with us about everything from this shoot he did with Amer Mohamad, what it’s like to be a model, his training and diet and even a little about his backstory.

DNA: Welcome to the cover of DNA… but you’ve been on magazine covers before. What are your favourites?

Dmitry Averyanov: Thank you, I am very pleased to be here. To be honest, I don’t remember how many covers I’ve had. I definitely remember the cover of Playboy that Amer shot with me.

DNA: Not many men can say they have been on the cover of Playboy!

Dmitry: When Amer offered to shoot me for Playboy I immediately agreed. With Amer, I am ready for any experiments as I’m sure of a good result. It was my first photo session with a girl. 

DNA: You are very relaxed in front of the camera – where does that confidence come from? Have you been modelling for a long time?

Dmitry: I don’t remember exactly when I started, but I think I was six years old.

DNA: Congratulations on the amazing shape you are in. It must take a lot of work.

Dmitry: Thank you, but take my word for it, my shape is far from perfect.

DNA: Well… it’s very impressive and we admire it.

Dmitry: What I have is hard work. I find it difficult to combine my sports regimen with a fulfilling life. Therefore, I am very limited, but this is my choice and I am happy with it.

DNA: How much time do you spend working out? 

Dmitry: I train almost every day. If I feel tired I give myself a day off. 

DNA: Do you keep a very strict diet?

Dmitry: My diet can be called strict only because I count the intake of calories, but the food itself is varied and tasty. I like salmon, pizza, pasta, chocolate… but I practically don’t eat it. My favourite food, which I don’t get bored of and that I eat every day, is eggs. I also love nuts.

DNA: You are often photographed completely naked. 

Dmitry: From the very first shoot I was naked and I quickly got used to it. Today, I just can’t imagine myself in clothes. I’m more comfortable without them.

DNA: Do you enjoy people enjoying your body?

Dmitry: Of course. After all, in addition to pleasure, people get motivation to work on themselves because I am the same person as they are. If I can, then someone else can, too.

DNA: Tell us your back story?

Dmitry: I was born and raised in Moscow and Murmansk. Murmansk is the north-west of Russia, a very cold and snowy place. I have two brothers, an older one and a younger one but, of course, they are not as beautiful as me [laughs]!

DNA: Who inspires you?

Dmitry: I’ve always been inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo – such an outstanding athlete. The man has been at the top for many years. He has everything but he works as if he has nothing, as if he has just started his career and has something to prove.

DNA: What do you find sexy in other people?

Dmitry: For me, sex appeal lies in little things, perhaps in some peculiarities or even flaws in appearance. The things that other people may not like – may even be repulsed by – here my inner voice can say, “This is just sexy.”

DNA: Tell us about your fans. What sort of things do they ask when they reach out to you? Are they respectful?

Dmitry: To be honest, for all the years I’ve been on Instagram, I could count on one hand the unpleasant calls to me. This happens extremely rarely. But mostly people are interested in my orientation, questions about my personal life… and this is understandable because I say little about this. 

DNA: Your Instagram currently has no posts. Do you spend much time on social media?

Dmitry: Currently, my account is blocked and I am waiting for it to be unblocked. As for my presence in social networks, it is minimal.

DNA: You have been shot many times by Amer Mohamad. What do you enjoy about working with him?

Dmitry: He’s amazingly talented and has good taste. There has never been a single time I’ve been dissatisfied even though although I’m very critical of both myself and those I work with.

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