Daddy Squared Podcast Releases Latest Episode About Being A Gay Dad In Australia


Yanir (Yan) Dekel and Alex Maghen co-host the Daddy Squared podcast which discusses the challenges and triumphs of being a gay parent. The two hosts are married to each other and father two 5-year-old twin boys together. The podcast entered into its fourth season in April of 2021, and the new season centres on being an LGBTQIA+ parent in different countries in a series called Daddy Squared Around The World.

The latest instalment of the podcast sees the conversation turn towards Australian gay parenting. The episode guest features Tom Snow. Snow was an advocate for Australia’s Marriage Equality campaign in 2017 and worked towards achieving equal rights to marriage for gay people. Snow currently is the chair for Equality Australia, a national organisation that seeks to support LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Snow is a father to three children, two 10-year-old twins and a 6-year-old through surrogacy and sits with Dekel and Maghen to discuss the options that gay people have for parenting in Australia.

The tenth episode of the season features Snow speaking with the hosts about the various options available to LGBTQIA+ people looking to start families.

“The good news in Australia is that adoption is reasonably equal in the law, in that case it’s reasonably equal for gays and lesbians. We do have some issues that some of the adoption agencies that are religious-based, discriminate against our community and continue to do so,” says Snow.

“Surrogacy is harder for gay men in Australia, there might be a family friend or a family member who might carry a baby for a gay male couple. That’s difficult [to find a surrogate] so many gay men do go overseas.”

For more episodes of Daddy Squared, head to Spotify, Apple Podcasts or their website to hear other stories.

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