ABC TV Is Seeking Gay Men For A New Season Of You Can’t Ask That

(You Can't Ask That/ABC iView)

The popular ABCTV show You Can’t Ask That is looking for gay men for the seventh season. The show, which has been running since 2016, explores the lives of marginalised and misunderstood Australians.

This season is seeking gay men for the panel to come and open themselves to questions that, at times, can seem insensitive or intrusive. The show provides a space where anonymous questions are asked of the guests and they are offered the opportunity to break down stigma surrounding their experiences.

The show invites Australians to submit questions online for the show. The upcoming season will also feature porn performers, bogans, Australians with dementia, young people in juvenile detention, heroin users, models, people with postnatal depression, Australians wrongly incarcerated, prescription drug addicts, Jewish Australians and people who were adopted. To be involved as a guest, or to ask questions regarding one of the aforementioned groups, you can follow the steps from the show’s online form.

You Can’t Ask That has featured LGBTQIA+ people before – lesbians, Intersex people, drag queens, children of same-sex couples and transgender people have all answered questions previously on the show.

Director and producer Kirk Docker believes that contributions from the Australian public are part of what makes the show so interesting, reports QNews. Docker says, “The blunter and more offensive the question, the more fun people have answering them.”

“They’ve generally heard them all before, either whispered behind their back or yelled from a passing car. But it’s rare they get to answer them on their own terms,” he continued.

To watch episodes of You Can’t Ask That, visit ABC iView to stream for free.

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