A Small Guide To Lunch With Maximum Flava

With Mardi Gras around the corner we better not be skipping meals as we pump iron until we are thrown out of the gym trying our best to salvage our abs, buns and thighs from Christmas, New Years and Australia Day. Like Max here who is young and compound exercises are #1, Lunch is Max’s favorite meal of the day. It helps him get through the days important tasks live Cover-modelling, blue-stealing(like his famous relative) and keeping his beautiful body in tip-top condition. Lunch should be eaten 7 out of 7 days, usually at Lunch time. Proteins, Carbs and Fats are recommended.  If that is too hard, just wear Lunch.

Model: Max Small | Instagram | #228 With Max
Photographer: Jarrod Carter | Instagram |

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How To Prepare Your Lunch

When preparing Lunch just follow these 3 simple rules.
Protein: Helps your muscles stay strong, keeps your swimmers healthy, will catch the attention of the handsome man at the opposite side of the Mardi Gras Parade that you know you’ll never get to meet.
Carbs: You need energy to burn as you go from parade, to after-party, to after-after party.
Fats: Essential for brain function, making smart decisions like not crossing the parade route minutes before it’s barricaded off taking you 2.5 hours to walk around to get to the party your meant to be at on Oxford Street.
OPTION B: Liquid Lunch 

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