Waist Not, Want Not – How To Save Your Elastic Waistband

This article originally appeared on the DailyJocks website.

We know: elastic waistbands losing their grip makes you lose your grip. Once the waistband doesn’t snap back in place, they’re done. You can be stubborn and continue to wear them, but they’ll probably wind up around your knees as you go about your day (better wear long pants in that case).

Give in when those waistbands give out. Newer is better.

Here are the few usual suspects to suspect when it comes to elastic waistbands that no longer support you:

Age. Not your age, but the age of your underwear. If they are a year old or older, it’s time.

Overuse. Don’t subject your underwear to a short rotation. Buy many pairs, so that they are not overworked and can enjoy a longer lifespan.

Weight. It’s most likely unthinkable, but maybe you put on a few pounds without realizing it. As a result, you may be stretching out your elastic waistband. One way to tell: the elastic waistband may “flip,” or turn inside out as you wear them. Not a good look.
Size. You may be buying too small a size for your waist, and the elastic is breaking down under the pressure.

Chlorine bleach. Especially if you wear white briefs, you may be subjecting them to a chlorine bleach wash, which breaks down the elastic in the band. This is the same reason why you should rinse your bathing suit in cool water after leaving a chlorinated pool. In fact, use very little detergent when doing a wash.

Drying. Use the delicate cycle or “tumble dry low” on your dryer when drying your underwear. Never use the hottest temperature. Heat will shrink your waistband. Whenever possible, let them dry naturally, and never directly in the sun.

They’re sitting too high on your waist. Perhaps you’re wearing them a few more notches upward than usual, and they’re getting stretched out. Lower them down a bit, or look into low-rise or mid-rise briefs.

One solution in elastic waistband preservation is to try underwear with wider waistbands, giving you more to work with. This extra elastic also helps you achieve a slimming look. Another solution: non-elastic underwear. This could also be good if you suffer from latex allergies, but no elastic means no wearing out in the usual ways.

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