Top 10 Tips To Beat Your New Year’s Day Hangover

1. Drink In Moderation

If you’re reading this to find out how to avoid a hangover you’re probably not going to listen to this tip. However, the best and most obvious way to avoid a hangover is to minimize your alcohol consumption or even avoid consuming any at all.

2. Keep Hydrated

Prevention is the key. Have a glass of water for every standard drink of alcohol. This will help keep you hydrated throughout the night and not feeling too dehydrated in the morning.

3. Vodka Or Whiskey?

The type of alcohol you consume can have a big impact on how long you’ll need to recover. Alcohol that contains sugar mixes with the alcohol to produce by-products known as congeners which are toxic chemicals. Colourless drinks like vodka, rum and gin have lower levels of congeners than coloured drinks like whiskey, cognac and tequila. Higher levels of congeners increase the frequency and intensity of hangovers.

4. Go All Out

It’s only New Year’s Eve once a year, so if you’re planning on having a big night, don’t be stingy with your liquor. Top shelf liquor is usually distilled more times, which reducers the amount of congeners in them. Be all class and you won’t end up on your ass. Well at least not all day the morning after.

5. Water Isn’t Enough

The morning after when we’re dehydrated, we also need to replenish our electrolytes. Sports drinks are great or potassium-rich foods such as bananas are perfect to snack on.

6. Eat A Big Breakfast

Low blood sugar can sometimes occur when drinking copious amounts of alcohol. So when you get up, get the crew together from the night before for breakfast (or most likely a late brunch) to swap stories about who kissed who at midnight and whatever else may have happened but, most importantly, to have a hearty meal.

7. Coffee Anyone?

It will vary from person to person as to whether coffee will help or hinder your hangover. Caffeine has been known to help treat headaches but can also be the cause of them because it dehydrates. It’s best to consume plenty of water if you need that morning coffee to be able to speak to anyone.

8. The Sun Is Not Your Friend

While lazing at the beach after a big night out may sound perfect, you’re already in a fragile state so the sun is only going to amplify how you’re feeling by dehydrating you further. If you want to go the beach to wake yourself up with a refreshing swim, be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen, stay in the shade and, that’s right, drink plenty of water.

9. Sweat It Out

Exercise won’t help cure a hangover but it does increase endorphins, which can help boost your mood. If you can find the right balance of being active and staying hydrated, you may be able to use those endorphins to reduce the impact of last night’s shenanigans.

10. Everyone’s Favourite: Sex.

A hangover needs time to get over and, while sex won’t cure it, it will make the time go faster!

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