The Better Way To A Bigger Bulge – The P Shot!


Whether it’s your swimwear, gym gear or work suit, every man wants to look well packed – and perform his best when the pants come off!

Whether it’s that hot date you’ve been waiting for all week, that underwear party on Saturday night or that group session you may find yourself in on Sunday morning, we’ve all had the occasional bout of insecurity when it comes to our capabilities in the package department. 

Two of my friends were recently in a sexual slump and the occasional guest star wasn’t peaking their interest. They decided to try something radical that they hadn’t tried before when they discovered The P Shot.  

Often used to treat erectile dysfunction, The P Shot is an all-natural platelet rich plasma injection. Extracting the plasma from a patients’ blood and re-injecting it into the penis, the procedure is designed to improve sexual performance, sensation and firmness of erection for up to a year! Amazing!

The boys immediately booked an appointment at Sydney’s premiere medical health and cosmetic beauty super-centre Geniale, with intimate procedures expert; Dr. Mike Shenouda.

With sweaty palms and tingling shafts, they were excited, nervous and grimacing with disbelief at what they were about to do to their beloved little friends. Dr. Shenouda was friendly, kind and explained the process, reassuring the boys that it was a simple, easy procedure and instantly put their nerves at ease.

Heading into separate rooms, biding each other farewell with hugs and kisses bestowed on soldiers about to embark on a perilous journey, it was all over in a matter of minutes. Dr. Mike simply applied a numbing cream, extracted a blood sample from their arms and injected it into their little soldiers. They didn’t feel a thing.

Within a week the boys’ packages were perfect. Their new and improved erections were now beautiful throbbing beacons of performance and pleasure. With increased girth, length, stamina and sensation, they couldn’t be happier and haven’t had much downtime since!

Visit Geniale for more info and book your soldier in today.

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