Take Stuart Reardon To Bed

Stuart Reardon hard at work.

Read any good books lately? Or written any?

Former UK rugby player, Stuart Reardon has. After football, he turned to physique modelling. That lead to him appearing on the cover of romance novels. That, in turn, lead to him actually co-authoring romance novels and appearing on the covers.

What a complete and utter over-achiever!

His latest, co-written with Jane Harvey-Berrick, is called Model Boyfriend. It’s about a man who used to be a rugby player and becomes a successful model facing the highs and lows of the industry. Perhaps it could be a tiny bit auto-biographical?



Here’s a racy extract…

“Please, to undress. You may put your robe over there.”

Nick strode over to the chair and slid the robe from his shoulders. This felt awkward. It was completely different from being in the locker room with thirty other lads, all naked: here he was the only one.

He felt seven sets of eyes burning into his back and bare arse. Even walking felt unnatural, and then he had had to turn around.

He peered into the gloom when he heard a sudden noise. At the back of the room, Anna clamped her hand over Brendan’s mouth, ending the gasp he’d let out when Nick had dropped his robe, his eyes locked below Nick’s waist.

“Not a word,” she hissed.

It was harder than she’d imagined—so much harder—seeing Nick surrounded by beautiful young women while he stood proudly naked in front of them. Much harder.



Model Boyfriend picks up where Stuart’s previous novel, Undefeated left off but can be enjoyed in its own right. Both are available now so there’s no excuse not to take Stuart Reardon to bed tonight!

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