Stud Ranch: At Home With Hector De Silva

Ruggedly handsome Hector De Silva, 33, lives on a family farm in rural Spain. He loves his dogs and his horse, and he’s a professional firefighter. He’s also one of the busiest porn stars in the world. In the latest edition of DNA he talks about his life, his parents’ reaction to his career choice, and what’s on his neighbours’ Whatsapp group chat. Interview byVictor Garcia. Photography by LeBeau Foto


“Dad told me he would do the same thing if they paid him. He said, What? You think you are the only handsome one in the family?”


How does a country boy from a town of 300 people in the middle of Spain become an internationally famous porn star?

Hector De Silva: I love living in my small town. I was raised in a small town with chickens, goats, sheep and horses… But I have always loved travelling and meeting people. A few years ago, on a trip, I met a guy who was working in the porn industry and he helped me get started. At the time, my family were having a hard time financially and I decided to start shooting a few scenes to help them out. I had always liked watching porn, so I figured I could make some money and do something that I enjoyed. My family is the most important part of my life, so I didn’t hesitate when the time came to help them.

How did your family find out about your porn career and how did they react?

Before shooting my first scene, I sat down with them and asked them for permission, even though I already knew what their answer would be. I wanted to make sure that they would hear about it from me first. My mom’s only response was, “As long as you are happy, and you have no regrets when you are older, I will always be by your side.” My dad told me if they’d pay him he would do the same thing. He said, “What? You think you are the only handsome one in the family?” I have the best parents.

Do you consider yourself a country boy who’s in the porn industry or a porn star who lives in the country?

Both! The guys I work with see me as the guy who finishes his scenes and runs home to the countryside to take care of his dogs and chickens and, the love of my life, my Arabian horse, Khan. And in my small town, within my circle of friends and family, I am the local porn star. Our neighbours have reacted well and they support me. They created a group on Whatsapp where they share my pictures and videos. They are a very progressive small town [laughs].

Is returning home to the farm a good way to disconnect from the porn industry?

I usually only stay away from home for a few days. As soon as I get home I take Khan for a long walk.

Do you ride with saddle or bareback?

Usually bareback, though riding with a saddle is always safer. But I have a spiritual connection with Khan so I feel safe enough to ride without a saddle.


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