Sophie Monk: “If I were gay I’d shag lots of blokes!”

Sophie Monk from Inside Outside in 2002.

Way back in September 2002, DNA spoke to Bachelorette Sophie Monk about her solo single, Inside Outside. We asked, “If you could be a gay man for a day, what would you do?”

“I’d probably go out and shag lots of blokes,” she said, “just to know what it’s like to be a male slut. Why not!”

She also told us that, at that time, she was dating a construction worker while her sister was dating a policeman and when they all got together it was like the Village People. This prompted us to describe Sophie as “a gay man trapped in a pop star’s body”.



Queer As Folk was the hot TV show at the time but Sophie admitted it was on too late for her. We agreed that if we were dating her hot, hunky boyfriend, we’d also be in bed early. “He’s not as toned as all those gay boys,” Sophie said. “He’s got a little saggy arse. It’s so cute.”

“Speedos for gay boys,” she boldly declare, “so you can see their cute arses!”

Inside Outside was the first single from Sophie’s debut solo album Calendar Girl and entered the charts at number 5, where it peaked. Sophie was once considered a hot contended for Kylie Minogue’s crown as pop princes.


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