“Slutty Harry Styles Can Kiss Me!”

Season 4 of Josh Thomas’ acclaimed Please Like Me starts on ABC tonight, Matthew Galea spoke to the comedian/actor/writer about his casting wish list!

If you could have anyone join the cast of Please Like Me, who would it be and why?

It would just be Harry Styles and then he would kiss me. That’s it.

That would be great! What kind of character would he play?

Just like a really slutty guy who likes me a lot.

Do you feel Please Like Me has a life of its own now, beyond how you initially imagined it?

Well, once somebody sent me a message and they were watching it while they were in labour. I didn’t know that was a thing! Or sometimes people will be like, “Oh, me and my ex-boyfriend used to watch your show together.” And that’s cute to imagine, isn’t it? My show was their show that they watched.

We really want things to work out with Josh and Arnold this season; do you have any spoilers for us?

It’s television so things aren’t going to pan out for the main couple because that’s what happens on TV. Unfortunately, that’s how it has to be. Nobody really wants to watch a happy couple for very long. I mean, they’ve been together for like at least 14 episodes so that’s a very long time for a TV couple.

There’s a lot about mental health in the show, have you had much response from people living with mental illness or health professionals?

Yeah, and it’s always been positive. A lot of people with anxiety disorders haven’t really seen it depicted very honestly so there were a lot of people that were excited about seeing it in the show which is nice. My mum’s psychiatrist really liked it. She said it was really useful and made her really like it. People send me messages sometimes which I find quite difficult because they tell me their problems and they’ll ask for advice and it’s like oh God, I don’t know, you know what I mean? I can’t solve your problems for you.

What amazingly good thing would you like to see happen in 2017?

I have no idea. I guess I’d like to be employed, that’d be good and maybe, well, I won’t call out Donald Trump, everyone’s so bored of that. I don’t have an answer.

Please Like Me season 4 starts on ABC TV tonight at 9.25, and on iView.

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