Should You Consider Waxing?

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It may be one of the most intimate and personal things you can do with someone other than your partner. The trend is growing and the hair is coming off of more guys.
Waxing is strictly an aesthetic choice, and it can greatly improve the way you look in (or out) of your underwear.

As far as if it automatically makes sex better, the jury is still out on that frequently asked question. It usually depends on the dynamic of the partners. With oral sex, though, it will help keep pubic hair from getting in the way, if that’s an issue.

Most newbies always ask about the difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax, and rightfully so. They’re not the same things.

A bikini wax removes just enough pubic hair to keep you smooth when wearing a bikini (about two inches in front, on each side), and that’s all she wrote.

A Brazilian wax is the whole enchilada, including the taint and the butt. It all goes bye-bye.

There are a many different terms for both of these procedures – spas like to give them their own special names, and often include a few extra features for each service. Be sure to ask what’s what before you choose your option.

So no more beating around the bush — here are a few considerations before making that appointment:

Don’t shave or trim beforehand. We know you always want to look your best, but waxing professionals actually prefer longer hair to shorter hair – it’s easier to take off, because it’s easier to grab. At least a quarter of an inch is recommended if you like to measure yourself down there. And if you go regularly, never shave between visits.

Shower before your visit. Give your waxer a break, because they are going to do you a great favor. Be free and clear of dirt, sweat and especially odor.
It’s not as painful as you think. You’re thinking of that waxing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but remember, that horrific trauma involved the chest, not the crotch. It’s pretty much agreed that the chest is the most painful area to wax. The crotch area maybe not as much, especially if the hair is longer. It won’t tickle, but you most likely won’t be screaming. If you are really concerned about this – and we’re not judging you one bit — take a few aspirin or Tylenol before your visit.

It gets better. Let’s face it – the first time is the worst, because you don’t know what to expect. And you’re subjecting yourself to an odd, intimate service. With time, though, the experience becomes ordinary. Your hair follicles and roots start to get what you’re doing and weaken from repeated waxings.

There may be some itching afterward. Shaving is actually harsher on that area than waxing, but there still may be some irritation and itching, post-op. There are over-the-counter creams for that, no sweat.

Budget for it. Waxes vary according to the salon. If you can, ask your friends for referrals. They usually range anywhere from $50 to $100 per session, so if you’re going to do this regularly, make sure your wallet can cover it.

Abstain from sex. Not forever, of course. Just wait at least two days before jumping back in the saddle. Your private area needs time to heal and come around to itself. Hopefully, your lover will understand and appreciate all you go through just for them.

Wait about six weeks before your next visit. Again, waxers like longer hair, and you need time to let all the hair return before you give it up.

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