The Same-Sex Marriage Video Inspired by Tony Abbott

Aussie musician Scott Huntington has millions of YouTube likes for his songs and videos for Secret and his Love Is Love track in support of marriage equality, which, he reveals was inspired by conservative anti-gay politician, Tony Abbott.

“I hate to say it Tony Abbott inspired me to do anything,” laughs Scott, “but he tried to encourage voters to say no if they were for freedom of speech, or if they were against political correctness. He was trying to change the debate because he knew he was losing. I thought, ‘No way, this is simply about love!’ I wanted to pull the focus back to the issue at hand.”

The up-beat song is accompanied by a video showing Scott on three different types of dates and being judged by a stranger. The message is unapologetically queer.

“I wanted to generate some empathy. We are often talked about in the press as this nebulous identity with a super long acronym. But when strangers stare at us in the streets until we feel like we have to hide who we are – and that’s mild compared to what I’ve personally experienced – it doesn’t feel like we’re over homophobia at all,” says Scott.

The three friends Scott roped in to be his “dates” in the video are Alice Fraser, a stand-up comic, Alex Lee, who hosts The Checkout on the ABC, and Ed Skaines, an actor and fitness trainer. “They’re all hilarious people,” says Scott. “It wasn’t my intention to get such funny people for a clip with a serious message but that’s how it turned out. I’d also like to mention that my friend Mark Sutton, who plays the mean fella, is one of the nicest and least homophobic people I know and very popular with the bears!”



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