Senator Eric Abetz Likens Same-Sex Marriage To Dead Fish

You can always tell when a politician isn’t getting his way, they have a dummy spit and start clutching at straws by saying obscure things, point in case, Australian Senator Eric Abetz who has likened same-sex marriage supporters to dead fish getting swept along by a current.

During the second day of speeches in the Senate debating the legalisation of same-sex marriage, Abetz claimed that ‘no’ voters had suffered during the 9-week campaign and that ‘yes’ supporters, 61.6% of the country, are mindless and were relentless with their same-sex marriage support propaganda.

“As someone told me the other day, it’s only dead fish that go with the flow; it’s only the live fish that have the capacity to swim against the current.”

Abetz described “no” voters as “inherently good people who were willing to embark on a campaign where the odds were stacked against them from the beginning.”

“The media and celebrities were relentless, yet the ‘no’ campaigners held their course. They had to go to work passing ‘yes’ propaganda in their very own offices or physically work under the so-called rainbow flag.”

During the speech, Abetz further claimed that “same-sex marriage is not a human right”.

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