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Ride The Pony – DNA’s Exclusive Chat With Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan is one of the most famous porn stars in the world. There’s even a James Franco film about the murder that is forever linked to his early career. But, just when we thought we knew everything, he reveals more! Interview by Troy Murphy.

This article first appeared in DNA #209

DNA: In the new series, Ultra Fan for Falcon Studios you star and direct. Tell us about it.
Brent Corrigan: Ultra Fan is about a fictitious Brent Corrigan who is held captive during a live cam show and is required to perform a series of actions that inadvertently open his mind, body and spirit to being the best performer he can be at a time in his life when he’s stuck. It’s The Piano meets Phone Booth for Brent Corrigan.
Has this series opened your mind?
Not in any way [laughs]! I’m very appreciative of where I have come from; I’m very respectful of porn. Every day I’m happy to have the presence that I have in adult media. But, as a filmmaker outside of porn, I was always told to “write what you know”, tell the stories you know. No one else has your perspective. So, when I made Ultra Fan, it came from an era of porn that is no longer part of my life. It came from my first return to porn after a four-year hiatus.
What were you doing in those years?
I was making these non-porn films, these LGBTI films that we put everything into and did everything we could to make a good, solid film, but when we were done TLA [independent cinema company for LGBT productions] would bill the film as a “sexy thriller” or a “sexy comedy” and it all became porn at the end of the day. I thought, What am I doing here? Pretending not to be a porn star, pretending not to have had everyone seen me take a dick on camera, pretending to be a serious actor and prove my value in everything other than porn.
Do you enjoy serious acting?
I do, but I don’t like a director standing over me telling me, “You should be…” “You look best…” I don’t like being told who I am and how to do it.
You’re dating fellow Falcon star JJ Knight. How did you meet?
We met in Beijing about three years ago at a meet-and-greet. I remembered him because he’s really tall. Then, three years later, we met on set. I was warned by the director that JJ was “BIG”, “he’s got a big one” and all the many ways you can say he’s got a big dick! When you have tell Brent Corrigan that a guy’s got a big dick I freak out! Cause like, dude, my second ever porn scene was a double penetration. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying, I can handle a big dick!

The second I planted my lips on his mouth… I haven’t felt that ever… chemistry that words can’t explain.

And there was good chemistry?
The second I planted my lips on his mouth… I haven’t felt that ever, in porn or anything. It was electrifying. It was all the things they say about love at first sight: chemistry that words can’t explain. It makes you slow down; it makes you realise that there really is someone out there for everyone, no matter how crazy you are. ’Cause I’m fucking nuts!
Is it easier for an adult film star to date another adult film star?
No. I’ve dated two. One was an asshole.
Er… do you want that published?
[Laughs] I do. His name was Nick Capra. He had a beautiful cock but he was a dick. He said the same thing about my hole. You’d think that someone who does what you do (porn) would understand you but they have a completely different set of psychoses and you still have to find that personal connection. You still have to find the things that make you fit together like puzzle pieces. You might think my puzzle pieces wouldn’t fit with someone outside porn but that’s not true. Outside porn I’ve dated many men and had healthy relationships.


Brent and JJ seach for A PORN star at the Midnight Shift in Sydney.

Confession time: I’ve never seen a porn film of either you or JJ in action.It wouldn’t make things uncomfortable if you had. We put ourselves out there for everyone but our mothers to see. The way I see it – clean up the mess later. Make the mess now because the mess is what’s beautiful about the fact that we’re fully comfortable with ourselves, and every bit about ourselves, we’re willing to share every fraction of ourselves!
And there’s always a towel to clean up the mess!
And when there are no cum rags, there are mouths! [Laughs]… What was the question?
What connects you and JJ? Apart from his giant penis?
I am fucking nuts. I am fucking manic. I am diagnosed manic depressive. It’s a product of being my mother’s son but also I’m diagnosed PTSD after the murder investigation and everything. It’s shaped who I am. JJ accepts the crazy, grounds me, keeps me sane without ever once saying, “I love you but don’t do this…” That’s why I am in love with him.
You’re in Australia for the Babylon party and search for an Ultra Fan competition grand final. The winner has the opportunity to fly to the USA and star in a Falcon movie. You’ve seen the contestants; do you have a favourite?
I’d take every single one of them home together. There still has to be room for JJ in bed and I don’t know if there’s enough hole to go around… I’m really making this filthy! I know who I’d cast but, either way, I’d at least ride all their dicks!
You’re a horse lover. Do you still get to saddle-up regularly?
Yes. Unfortunately, in my life right now I have to choose and I don’t think I’ve been on a horse… I’m about to cry… for about a month.
Sorry! I don’t mean to make you cry…
[With a tear] In life we search for that one thing that grounds us. It’s something that, no matter what you are doing or how bad life is, you go there and do it. You clear your mind doing it and inadvertently you’ve found your meditation point. That’s not just riding, that’s horses for me. Horses bring me back to earth. They live with four feet on the ground and we live with our heads in the clouds.


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