Living and Loving in Diversity

An anthology of Australian multicultural queer adventures


By: Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli (Editor)


Sad and funny, sexy and sensitive, angry and insightful: the deeply personal stories in this book reflect a rainbow of experiences and emotions, as diverse as the storytellers themselves. Join chief editor Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli and the Australian LGBTIQ Multicultural Council for a journey of discovery through queer multicultural multifaith Australia, with more than sixty voices from across the spectrum of sexualities and genders, families and relationships.

Annette Xiberras, lesbian Wurundjeri Elder with a Maltese father, provides a Welcome to Book and insights into her Indigenous-migrant family.

Filmmakers Tony Ayres and Franco Di Chiera share their experiences telling stories from minority cultures on Australian screens, while Benjamin Law talks queer Asian-Australian identity, and making The Family Law for SBS. Broadcaster Faustina Agolley talks about being ‘out’ as a woman of colour, and Anton Enus tells us about coming out as a ‘coloured’ gay man in South Africa.

Entertainer Paul Capsis reflects on doing Cabaret in the age of Trump while Asiel Adan talks about non-binary gender across the US border in Mexico. Meanwhile, Christos Tsiolkas imagines Ari, the protagonist of his iconic novel Loaded, now middle-aged, during a weekend of mass violence in distant Paris, while Patrick Abboud travels the world so he can come home.

Alyena Mohummadally searches for reconciliation between her queer and Muslim identities and Tony Briffa shares a personal story of growing up with intersex variations and the rigidity of Western medicine.

Contributors are Patrick Abboud, Doron Abramovici, Asiel Adan, Faustina Agolley, Mama Alto, Elvira Andreoli, Gavriel Ansara, Tony Ayres, Ayman Barbaresco, Jonathan Barnett, Michael Barnett, Roz Bellamy, Maria Bololia, Tony Briffa, Hinde Ena Burstin, Paul Capsis, Carolina, Paula Carpio, Shanton Chang, Joseph Carmel Chetcuti, Margherita Coppolino, Franco Di Chiera, Anton Enus, Cristian Cortes Garzon, Sally Goldner, Carl Gopalkrishnan, Anne Harris, Dino Hodge – Konstantino Hadjikakou, Peggy Iu, Rida Khan, Azja Kulpinska, Benjamin Law, Anthony Lekkas, Mei Tze Ling, Lian Low, Alan Maurice, Adam Messede, Jack Migdalek, Alyena Mohummadally, Tony Mordini, Nonno and Aroosa, Olivia Noto, Benjamin Oh, Gary Paramanathan, Vic Perri, Corey Rabaut, Raven, Adam Ridwan, Naya Rizwan, Wil Roach, Omar Sakr, Michael Schembri, Budi Sudarto, Reem Sweid, Judy Tang, Christos Tsiolkas, John Tzimas, Paul Venzo, Sim Victor, Annette Xiberras, Nevo Zisin

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DNA Review

by Graeme Aitken

Pallotta-Chiarolli has had a long and varied career over several decades, writing academic works, young adult fiction, and one of the first Australian memoirs to explore a gay man living with AIDS; published in 1991, Someone You Know, told the story of Maria’s friend Jon. This new anthology Living And Loving In Diversity has been published with the support of the Australian LGBTIQ Multicultural Council (AGMC) and showcases a rainbow of experiences. More than 60 voices are represented from across the spectrum of sexualities and genders.

Well-known contributors include Patrick Abboud, Tony Ayres, Paul Capsis, Joseph Chetcuti, Anton Enus, Dino Hodge, Benjamin Law, Christos Tsiolkas, Nevo Zisin, Faustino Agolley and Mama Alto.

DNA #228



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