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NAKED RUGBY LEAGUE The controversial new calendar.

LEON OCKENDEN On being TV’s hottest new fag.
ANTHONY CALLEA The boy is back with a brand new look.
ALEX JONES Swimmer, actor, activist, teacher, massive spunk!
AMY SEDARIS The world’s most famous junkie-whore (sort of).
OZON AND ALMODOVAR Two must-see films reviewed.
MIAMI VICE The inspiration behind Circa 75’s swimwear range.
MARCIA HINES She’s back – bigger and brighter than ever.
DAVID TENCH This month’s Straight Mate is unusually animated.
SECRET MEN’S BUSINESS The hidden culture of male anorexia.
BIG GAY YEAR We take a look back at 2006’s gayest moments.
DARREN HAYES Truly, madly, deeply out!
EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN The fanatical, homophobic religion.
GEORGE MICHAEL“Fuck off, this is my culture!”
BOY GEORGE Coke and community service – just another year.
AIDEN SHAW His pen proves mightier than his sword.
CHARLIZE THERON She loves us as much as we love her!
MATT HELM This diver makes a splash in and out of the pool.
CHAD ALLEN Child star, sex symbol, circuit boy. What’s next?
MARYAM NAMAZIE The tireless work of an amazing woman.

FILIP TROJOVSKY Better known to you and I as Tommy Hansen.


WHITE HOT Super-hot swimwear from leading labels including William Baker’s first range. Photography by Paul Scala.

BEACH PATROL Got it? Flaunt it. Make the beach your stage this season. Photography by Max-Arthur Mantle.


BURNTTOAST “Give TJ head!” say DNA readers.

SMS Download your favourite DNA model to your phone.
GROOMING Will answers some of your questions.
FITNESS The mathematics of muscles.
MUSIC Jamiroquai, Toni Collette And The Finish, P Diddy, Guy Sebastian, Moby, Young Divas.
DVD Little Britain Live, Melrose Place, Superman Returns, The Dying Gaul, Sons And Daughters, Pet Shop Boys: A Life In Pop.
TRAVELLERS’ CHECK Money, tickets, passport, let’s go!
BOOKS Six top yuletime stocking stuffers. Try saying that fast!
URBAN HOMO Join the countdown to a brand new you.

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