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DNA Magazine | #286 – Making A Difference

This month we celebrate the LGBTQIA+ people changing hearts and minds. We start with Lil Nas X, who is both the king and queen of pop, and Troye Sivan – the world is addicted to his gay touch!

Other change makers are out Aussie soccer stars Sam Kerr and Josh Cavallo who are proving the sport doesn’t have to be a locked closet! Not only have they kicked down the door, it seems the world loves them even more for it!

Adult star Hans Berlin is combating both agism in his industry and is an outspoken advocate for the U=U message – that undetectable viral load equals untransmittable HIV – helping fight HIV stigma.

Plus, there’s journalist Patrick Abboud, who exposed the shameful history of a gay prison in New South Wales and a government’s attempt to eradicate male homosexuality. And independent politician Alex Greenwich, who has advanced his progressive agenda and stood his ground against a high-profile bully.

This month’s cover is shot by Serge Lee, a Russian photographer now in self-exile in Korea in response to Putin’s war against Ukraine. “I would like Russia to become a civilised country that is friends with the rest of the world,” he says, “but I’m afraid I won’t live to see this.” We feature some of his magnificent male photography in this issue, and there are 50 more pages of erotica in the Extra Digital Pages of this issue.

We chat with our Straight Mate, Danny Estrin from Voyager, meet composer Iain Bell, who has set music to the sexy words of famous gay poets, meet model JeanPaul Paula and learn about his activism through fashion, and look back at sexy sculptures of men, which have existed since the first artist took a firm grip on his chisel.

Our reviews include new music by Omar Apollo and Rami; the hot gay goings-on of Neighbours; check out new books and the sexy men calendars of 2024.

Fashion-wise, we head to Rome for a steamy summer glamping experience, and learn that the night is made for seduction in some hot lingerie for men.

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