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BILLY DORTCH Ex-model singer and his Britney porn collaboration.
NAOMMON A universexual pop star hailed as the French Mika.
JERRY SPRINGER An operatic version of the tawdry TV show.
LA CLIQUE Vaudeville circus star Scotty The Blue Bunny.
SIA She’s made it overseas now she’s heading on her first Aussie tour. URBAN_HOMO ON STAGE The DNA star gets his own stage show.
LIFE BALL The biggest AIDS fundraiser on the planet.
ALLEGIES Is what you’re eating battling with your body?
BLACK SATURDAYS A personal tragedy from the devastating bushfires.
SAM SPARRO Behind the glasses of Australia’s hottest export.
MARDI GRAS Fourteen packed pages of festival candy.
WHITE-COLLAR COCK Our serious, in-depth recession coverage.
MARGARET CHO Talks us through her new reality TV venture.
MATT ALBER Packing the romance into his debut album.
STRAIGHT GUYS A guide for bending straights to the dark side.
SAGI KALEV This hard-bodied muscle man has a surprisingly soft side.
ON TOP OF THE WORLD Mr Gay World and Winter Pride collide.



SWEET SUIT The versatility of the suit suggests easy, elegant and sexy style options. Photography by Brent Dundore.
HOME BEAUTIFUL He’s come to make the flat look better. Done. Let’s have a beer. Photography by Dean Stockings.



FROM THE EDITOR Gays are going to spend us out of the crisis.
BURNTTOAST DNA readers write and rant.
SMORGASBORG A selection of tasty morsels.
MUSIC Pet Shop Boys, Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, Yuksek.
GAY DAD What if it’s not your biological child?
BOOKS The latest queer reads and dirty books reviewed.
FITNESS Getting bang for your buck with supplements.
GROOMING Why you need needles for younger-looking skin.
STRAIGHT MATE Hunkboat Scott McGregor.
FASHION Suave suiting styles for Autumn.
DVD Ciao; Donald Strachey; Queer As Folk; Natural Born Traveller; Trembling Before G-d; Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
HISTORIC HOMOS Literary great Oscar Wilde.
URBAN HOMO Mardi Gras debauchery.

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