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Kyle Bielfield is a sexy opera tenor… sometimes. He’s also sexy pop star Bielfield whose latest single is a tribute to George Michael featuring Courtney Act. Marc Andrews asks how they really made beautiful music together!

DNA: Did it really take a year for you and Courtney Act to record Dance Again?
Bielfield: Yes. Originally, it was much slower. I wrote for her voice and wanted it to have some Miami influence and, thanks to Courtney, some Ace Of Base elements crept in!

Dance Again references George Michael’s Careless Whisper; is it true you thought he was a black, female singer?
It’s true and super embarrassing! I thought he was this black lady forever! Then I saw a picture of George Michael and was like, “What?!” I think he’d quite like that. His death was so sad. I did a George Michael tribute night with Brendan Maclean.

Did Brendan ask you to perform any kinky sex acts in his next video?
Well, I don’t think that is off brand! I have a lot of respect for him. I tried to watch his House Of Air video but I couldn’t get through the whole thing. He’s out-there as a person, too. Respect.


“I wasn’t a religious fan but I watched Courtney’s whole season. I thought she should’ve won. Bianca Del Rio won and she’s someone I really like, but she’s a comedian. Maybe it’s a blond thing!”

Any plans to mash up Dance Again and Careless Whisper?
You might be picking up on the scent of something that is happening as we speak!

You’re also an opera singer, having just finished performing in Handel’s Messiah. How do you balance the two careers?
It’s incredibly challenging. When I first went into pop from classical I had a hard time because everyone categorised me and didn’t want to work with me. They said, “Why wouldn’t you do classical?” Now people are more receptive to what I’m doing. It’s weird that people are so biased about music and it sucks because I don’t see it like that. I went electropop and created a new brand under the name Bielfield so now people see me as two different things, even if they like both.

Do you ever feel the need to burst out into opera when you’re performing as Bielfield?
That’s the thing; I have sung things live an octave higher in a classical technique and when you experience my voice live the reaction is extreme. People who hear me in person understand it all as a joint project. I want my music to have some classical element to it without it being crossover.

Is there a game plan for your career, or careers, now?
I’m working on a full album, which is going to be rather eclectic.

Whose career would you want to emulate?
Madonna. In Australia, certain eccentricities are frowned upon, whereas in other places they are supported and seen as unique. That’s made it hard for me to be the entertainer I want to be. I may have to change location – this is the deciding year.

We have to ask… are you and Courtney dating?
[Giggles] Courtney and I have been very close at certain times throughout the last year. I think she had an interest right now in California. An interest in me? I don’t know. She was showing me some pictures and I was like, “Okay, yeah!” but it could never work.

Why not?
[Laughs] I’m far too beautiful!

What do you look like in drag?
Oh man, it would be a disaster. There’s no way I could wear highheels on a runway. I’m such a ditz. One drag queen in a relationship is probably enough!

MORE: Dance Again is released through Sony Music Australia. For more on Bielfield find him on www.bielfield.com


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