POLL: Should The LGBTQ Community Boycott The Proposed Postal Vote On Same-Sex Marriage?

More bitter, bloodthirsty and twisted than a whole season of Game Of Thrones, yes, it’s the fight for marriage equality in Australia. 

All you need to know is that Australia is the last Western nation to legalise same-sex marriage and that both the Left and Right have been using it as political football since 2007. 

Australia is having a plebiscite (national vote) because of a commitment the last Prime Minister made and the current Prime Minister wants to uphold.

But no-one wants it. Everyone just wants parliament to vote on it and move on. The only people who want the plebiscite are the far-right conservatives who see it as a way of delaying the inevitable legalisation. 

The senate have rejected the government’s plans to hold a national vote (twice), so the government is getting around that with a non-compulsory, non-binding survey on the issue to be managed by the Bureau Of Statistics rather than the Electoral Commission – to be carried out by postal vote.

It’s expensive, non-binding, non-representative and there will undoubtedly be a nasty anti-LGBTQ campaign claiming we are bad for children and want to destroy the world. In fact, that’s already started!

The Australian LGBTQ community are frustrated and angry. The question we must ask ourselves is… do we decide the postal plebiscite is a farce and boycott it completely, or do we join the campaign and once more go into the fight for marriage equality?

Where do you stand?

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