Pauline Hanson: Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead To Polygamy, Underage Marriages And “Body Parts”

Queensland senator Pauline Hanson has expressed her concerns about the knock-on effects of legalising same-sex marriage. In the senate today, Hanson warned a “can of worms” would open on society with further changes to the marriage act to include polygamy and underage marriages.

“My concern is that in time to come the parliament and its members could at any time change to include multiple marriages or marriages of people under a certain age and I don’t believe that will be the will of the people. If it was a referendum it would be enshrined in the constitution and cannot be changed by Parliament but only by the people.”

Of the countries around the world that have legalised same-sex marriage, none have legalised polygamy. On the Safe Schools program, Hanson appeared confused, saying that by legalising same-sex marriage the Safe Schools agenda will lead to pre-pubescent children being taught about their body parts.

“Why are we pushing in parts of this country in the school education program teaching kids about body parts and their body parts and everything which is, they are kids let them be children. I have no problem teaching about sex education but do it when they are at the reaching puberty and when they are basically around 14 and 15, you don’t start messing around with the minds of young children in our education system by pushing your own agenda, and I think it’s disgraceful.”

As for Safe Schools, body parts and their functions have long been taught in schools before same-sex marriage was on the table. Safe Schools is not a program that teaches about body parts, it provides evidence-based information and resource to help schools and students understand and respect that people should not be discriminated against for any reason, including gender and sexual diversity issues.

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