Overweight teen’s life transformation

At just 19, Samuel Higgins weighed in at 130kg. Through diet and exercise, he’s now 80kg at age 22.

“I grew up in a small town called Deniliquin in New South Wales. In a small town you know everyone and everyone knows you and you don’t have that much pressure on your appearance,” says Sam, explaining how he become so large, so young. “You aren’t trying to impress anyone. It was in my teenage years that I grew very big, very quickly. It was a mixture of things: being lazy, providing food for myself as my mum worked a lot of shift work (being a teen, I always went for McDonald’s), a lot of alcohol, and a real dislike of exercise.



After moving to Melbourne, Sam became so self-conscious about his weight that he developed a fear of leaving the house. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, he decided to change his life – starting with his weight. “I’m better than this, I thought.”
“I didn’t even know what I looked like under all that weight, so how could I envisage what my end goal was?”

Samuel tells his story in the current issue of DNA, revealing how he lost the weight and keeps it off now.

Read Samuel’s story in the latest issue of DNA.


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