Other Health Care Costs That Actually “Burden” The US Military Budget

Tom Noonan By Photographer Dion Rowe

US President, Donald Trump has stated that he will impose a ban on transgender military personnel serving in the US defence because the military “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail”.

Meaning, in theory, the cost of gender transition hormone treatments or surgeries to the government is too expensive to allow transgender people to serve.

If the cost of transgender soldiers was too much for the government to bare, you might understand the reasoning behind the decision. However, a few creative people have taken a look defence budget to point out a few cost anomalies.

According to statistics, there are 6,630 transgender troops currently on active duty, of those it is believed, at most, 270 may seek gender transition hormone treatments or surgeries.

That is believed to cost a total of $8.4 million but could be as small as $2.4 million.

A small fraction of what the US Department of Defence is reported to have spent on other health care “needs” like, erectile dysfunction medicine, in 2014 it spent $84 million on medications for erectile dysfunction and $41.6 million on Viagra.

Image: Youtube

How will a boner help with defence?

It has also been reported that in 2015, $437 million was spent on military music.

$91.1 million was spent on one F-35s fighter plane.

$478 million spent on one Littoral Combat Ship.

The last two you could justify as defence costs, even as outrageous as the price tag may seem. But $84 million on medications for erectile dysfunction and $41.6 million on Viagra. The only working theory we can come up with is that it must be cheaper to pitch one’s own tent than carry around a metal pole.


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