Northern Ireland On Track To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

A bill to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland has been voted to give a second reading in the countries House of Commons.

The Irish Times reports that the bill was introduced to the house by Catholic Labour MP Conor McGinn who did so “with reluctance and some disappointment”.

“This measure is long overdue. Northern Ireland is the anomaly on these islands when it comes to LGBT rights. My constituents in St Helens and people in London, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh can all get married to the person they love.

“But same-sex couples in Northern Ireland are denied that basic right. That is wrong and it must finally be corrected,” he said.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is illegal.

England and Wales legalised same-sex marriage in July 2013 and it came into force in March 2014.

Scotland legislated for same-sex marriage in February 2014, which came into effect in December that year.

The Republic of Ireland legalised same-sex marriage in a referendum in May 2015.

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