New Zealand Encourages Australia To Vote ‘No’

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Well played New Zealand. The Project presenter Jesse Mulligan has taken a shot at Australia’s current same-sex marriage debate to further prove that New Zealanders are better than Aussies at EVERYTHING! It’s not just sport anymore.

“Hi Australia, this is New Zealand. It’s come to our attention that you’re deciding whether or not to legalise gay marriage right now. And as your friend, we’d like to take a moment not to make the same mistake we did,” Mulligan said in a sarcastic tone. “Please, please vote ‘No’ to same-sex marriage.” No one was safe from his comedic editorial, not even religious organisations who, in most cases, stand against the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

“People tell me the Christian lobby is putting up a big fight in Australia. Well, good for them. Here in New Zealand, many predicted that marriage equality would destroy the Church. Well, once again they were right.” Footage of the Christchurch cathedral before the 2011 earthquake and after the earthquake that left it in rubble was shown to illustrate the “destruction” of religion.

“You should have seen New Zealand before gay marriage. It was perfect,” Mulligan joked. “But now people are living in cars, our native species are facing extinction and our waterways look like toilets. Did gay marriage cause these things? Sure, why not. Let’s go with that!”

Well played New Zealand, well played!


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