Monogamous Relationships More Popular With Gay Youth

According to research into gay men’s current attitudes towards relationships, more Millennials are in favour of monogamy, with polyamory and open relationships on the way out.

Conducted by researchers Lanz Lowen and Blake Spears, the couple, who themselves have been in a non-monogamous relationship for 36 years, spoke with a range of men, aged between 18 and 39  with 42 percent of the respondents single and 58 percent were in a different form of relationship.

Of the men who were in relationships, 632 identified as monogamous, 152 identified as “monogamish”, and 48 identified as non-monogamous. According to the study notes, people who identified as being in a “monogamish” relationship sometimes allowed “three-ways” and/or occasional sex with “outsiders”.

“On the one hand, those in monogamous relationships felt like there was a history of promiscuity in the gay community and that non-monogamy was considered the norm. They found a lack of respect for their desire to be exclusive.” writes researchers Lanz Lowen and Blake Spears.

“On the other side of the coin, some non-monogamous couples felt monogamy was expected, not just from straight people, but also within the gay community. As gays become more integrated into the larger society and gay marriage becomes common, they questioned if there wasn’t a tendency to ‘mimic’ straight relationships.

The findings:

90 percent of the responding singles stated they were seeking monogamous relationships. with 92 percent of them expect to marry.

More gay men are identifying as being in monogamous relationships or wanting to be in monogamous relationships than in previous research with half of the respondents identifying as being in long-term monogamous relationships.

58 percent of all respondents equated monogamy with marriage.

31 percent viewed non-monogamy as an option for a married couple.

89 percent of singles 25 and under said they were seeking monogamous relationships.

93 percent of singles aged between 26-30 said they wanted monogamous relationships.

92 percent of singles aged between 31-40 were said they sought monogamous relationships.

The study found that older respondents, especially those already in relationships, reported being more open to non-monogamy.

The health of relationships, both monogamous and non-monogamous couples, was measured as healthy and stable, 98 percent and 92 percent respectfully, satisfying 98 percent and 91 percent respectfully, and likely to continue for the next five years 98 percent and 86% percent respectfully.

The final conclusion from the study was that younger gay men are more inclination toward monogamy, the researchers lent this change to the observations that:

“As marriage and homosexuality becomes increasingly accepted, the traditional heterosexual model of monogamy and marriage become much more viable options. Younger gay men have the option of adopting to the norms of the heterosexual majority and becoming integrated into the mainstream in ways that weren’t possible before.

“Younger gay men come to terms with their sexual orientation much earlier and get to experience their age appropriate adolescence as gay men. This was not the case in previous generations and it could be hypothesized that because of the furtiveness, the need for an underground sub-culture and the tremendous emphasis on sex, that previous generations of gay men tended toward prolonged periods of sexual adolescence when they finally did come out.

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