Meet Hunky Aussie Lifesaver Anthony Glick

Tall, blue eyed and tanned….who wouldn’t want to be rescued by Bondi Rescue’s hunky lifeguard Anthony Glick! He tells Matt Myers about life at the office – Bondi Beach! 

DNA: It must be awesome being a part of Bondi Rescue, but as this week’s episode shows, there’s a lot more than just sun, sand and surf.   

Anthony Glick: Yeah, that incident was actually much bigger than I thought. Sometimes when you do those rescues it’s on such a busy day, that you forget about it ten minutes later. But it’s a pretty big deal, making a decision on who to go out and rescue. The beautiful thing about our job is that it’s all recorded for the memories. There’s good stuff and bad, but it’s great to look back and see the positive impact we’ve had on someone’s life.  

“I gave Prince Harry a Bondi beach towel and he loved it!” 

DNA: So it’s demanding and rewarding?

Yes, in being a lifeguard you have to be one hundred percent focused at all times, because if you lose focus for thirty seconds, it could be the one time when somebody drowns. It’s not all fun in the sun. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a big part of it, but it can have pressure and sometimes be intense. Overall, it averages out to be the best job in the world! 

DNA: Do you get recognised by international tourists?

Yeah, people seem to know you’re whole life, which is pretty funny. They’ll say “You’re the South African!” or “You’re the one who’s scared of sharks!”. A lot of people kind of know my whole life, which is interesting.  

DNA: So you’re scared of sharks?

I suppose everyone’s scared of sharks. It’s not my biggest phobia, but sometimes I think about it when I’m out surfing and paddling, but I just don’t let it get to me. 

About two or three seasons back I was on the Jet Ski looking for a reported shark and couldn’t find it. It was over an hour, and just as I turned back to shore this massive fin came up next to me! I had to then chase it out on the Jet Ski. It’s all part of the job! 

DNA: Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?

I was taking photos one day at sunrise and running out of the water with my camera in its water housing, which is a big weird contraption. I hear this American guy saying “Hey dude! What’s in there?” So I started showing him the camera and my photos without even looking at him, then I looked up and said “Oh my god, Justin Bieber?” He was fascinated with my camera, and we spoke for about ten minutes, and I got a selfie too! It was just like chatting to a mate. The selfie tells it all! 

DNA: Wasn’t there a royal encounter too?

Oh yeah, I met Prince Harry and gave him one of my beach towels. I recently launched a beach towel business called Destination Towels, and through my photography I’ve created towels with a printed destination of coordinates. So I gave Prince Harry a Bondi one and he loved it, and kept it! 

DNA: So your towel could very well be hanging in a bathroom at Kensington Palace?

I’d hope so! 

DNA: Or at the very least in a wet bundle on their bathroom floor!

Exactly! Or maybe over the shower curtain! 

“I’ve definitely had guys come up to me. People aren’t shy these days!” 

DNA: What’s one of the more hilarious moments you’ve had on the job?

They happen literally every day. I’ve seen the weirdest things, like the blow up toys incident. This family came with a blow up unicorn and flamingo, and they were walking them on a leash! Then a really strong wind came and the flamingo flew over Bondi Pavilion. It was the funniest thing, watching them chase it. It kept happening over and over and we were crying with laughter. 

DNA: Channel Ten’s Neighbours did Mardi Gras this year. How about a Bondi Rescue float?

Hmm…I could possible see a Bondi Rescue float one day in the future. I guess we’ll need a request for it. We’ll have to recruit a few of the boys and see what happens!  

DNA: Have you ever known of gay lifeguards?

Yeah, I used to be a part of the North Bondi Surf Club, where I started my patrols. I became friendly with a lot of the clubbies there. It’s a real community where everyone’s close. I know Luke Hines the foodie guy. He did surf lifesaving as well.  

DNA: Have you ever been out partying in gay clubs?

No, I actually don’t leave Bondi that much, but I should. So that one’s on my bucket list.  

DNA: What song gets you onto the dance floor?

I like my Deep House music and a bit of reggae. That’s probably not for the dance floor though. 

DNA: You’d be surprised. They play a lot of Deep House at gay nightclubs.

Really? Well if it’s Deep House, I’m good to go on the dance floor! 

DNA: Who’s Glick’s music Diva?

Lady Gaga. I like her personality. She’s very different and I love her just being herself. I’m actually into her new song Shallow, from A Star Is Born. 

DNA: Do you ever get hit on by guys on the beach? 

Definitely, and especially while in the Bondi Rescue uniform. We stick out like a sore thumb, and get a lot of attention. It seems to happen when coming out of the water after a rescue. I’ve definitely had guys come up to me. People aren’t shy these days! But I think the person who pervs on me the most is my girlfriend. (laughing). 

DNA: Who would you turn gay for?

If I had to choose, it would probably be Hugh Jackman, because he loves Bondi as much as me. And he can sing! 

DNA: Growing up, who was your hero of the surf?

To me, Kelly Slater (American professional surfer) was more than just a surfer. He’s a smart guy. He’s a pretty good advocate for environmental issues and also very level headed. As a kid, he was like a mentor to me.  

DNA: What’s the best piece of advice you can give to people swimming in the ocean?

Don’t go anywhere out of your comfort zone or skill level, because it will eventually catch you out. Don’t turn your back to the ocean and always respect it. Even for myself and other lifeguards, if we go out of our comfort zones, it can catch us out too. It’s a really dangerous place but at the same time it’s like the most beautiful place, so look after it! 

DNA: Some reading this may want to be a lifeguard. What’s your advice?

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. Being outdoors every day in the sun and helping people out is really fulfilling, and you feel quite content. But it’s a very sought after job. I didn’t think I’d get it, but I gave it a go. So if you want this job, as well as anything else in life, it’s a hundred percent possible, as long as you’re persistent. Persistence is key. 

DNA: When it comes down to basics, are you boardies or Speedos?

Boardies. I used to be Speedos, but I like to keep my phone in my pocket and wearing them all day means I can go out for a coffee. But I do wear my Speedos underneath just in case! 

DNA: Furthermore, briefs, fitted boxers or freeballs?

At night I’m a freeballer for sure, no question. But during the day it’s fitted boxers! 

Bondi Rescue airs Wednesday’s 7.30pm on Network Ten  For more on Anthony Glick visit: destinationtowels.com and glickphotography.com.au

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